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April 1, 2023

We Are the Champions Review Netflix (TV Series 2020– )

we are the champions tv show review
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The first episode of We are the champions starts with a race and the price for the race is a wheel of cheese. It happens in England, when the race begins a wheel of cheese is rolled down and all the racers chase that wheel of cheese to win the race. The first racer who will reach to the finish line will win the race and of course the prize is wheel of cheese. Many other people like Flo who won her last race almost 8 years ago, also we will see the Chris who is participating in this race. This race is very fun for all the racers participating in this annual cheese roll.

Chili-pepper eating competition is going on in the 2nd episode of this show. Ohhh! it will gonna so much fun to see the all participants in this competition. Participants are coming in this show from the different regions US, England and Australia. There will be 13 rounds to consume the chili peppers with every round increasing the heat. And the featured profile in this contest is Carolina Reaper. I think we will see a lot of pain, sweat, pukes, and screams in this competition, this will gonna so hot.

You will see the following competitions in the upcoming episodes as it is documented, these will be fantasy hairstyling(most of the girls will be excited to know what will gonna happen in this competition), excited to see the all fun in the frog jumping competition, and dog dancing and the most excited yo-yo.

The most important thing in this show or they did not meant to disrespect or hurt any participants. There is specially taken care that no one gets emotionally hurt by this show. They treats all the profiles with huge respect and appreciate the participant’s dedication to take part in this show. As we all know to be a part of realty show like this will take so much dedication and bravery. Otherwise who will be ready to risk their bones by chasing the giant wheel from a steep hill and no one will ready to eat those spicy chili peppers. This is so much fun and excitement in this show. I hope you all will enjoy this show with the same excitement that the Judges and the participants have for all the fun and daring competition. There is a thing that at the end of each episode all the participants are supposed to pose in the front of a designated background.

I hope you all stream and enjoy this show that you have never seen before, I am definitely sure you will become a fan of this show.