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July 6, 2022

The Princess Switch: Switched Again Review Netflix (TV Series 2020)

The Princess Switch Switched Review 2020 Tv Show
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The Princess Switch: Switched Again Review Netflix (TV Series 2020)

Director: Mike Rohl

Writers: Robin Bernheim (as Robin Bernheim Burger), Megan Metzger 

Stars: John Jack, Vanessa Hudgens, Sam Palladio

On this beautiful and magical occasion of Christmas their a holiday movie is going to release which is based on the story of Netflix’s movie Princess Switch. As much we know this movie shows anything can happened at this very special occasion of Christmas. This story began when Chicago baker and lady Margaret get engaged during a pastry competition held in the kingdom of Belgravia.

The story of switched again starts where the Netflix’s first movie left off and there is also a recap of the movie added so that you can recall (if forgotten) what happened in the last movie. Prince Edward and Stacy are now married and fell in love with each other when Stacy and Margaret switched places. Margaret and Stacy’s best friend also fell in love with each other too. But there is a scene where you will see a recap that shows the king of Montenaro is dead and now Margaret is in line for the throne. All the stress leads to the distance in Margaret and Kevin’s relation that ends with the breakup.

You will see the switched again purpose in this story: they again thinking for switching their places again for some time to see whether their plan might work to deal with the situation, if this can anyhow improve their relationships. But it does not seem so easy there is also a problem like each story, Fiona, Margaret’s cousin who looks like Margaret and Stacy. Although She is a royal but right now she run out of money and to fulfills this shortage of money she wants to kidnap Margaret and replace her for a day so that she can take some huge checks for herself to remove her poverty and her pity situation.

Although, you can watch the trailer of the movie below, this movie is an harmless and full of some silly controversy’s about Christmas and the magical things during Christmas. It is fun to watch. You can spend your 90 minutes to watch this movie and just forget all the stress and awful things happening in your life for some time. It will release some stress and fun to watch which is a great point in this movie.

Enjoy streaming and thanks for reading.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again Review Netflix (TV Series 2020)