The Most Hated Man on the Internet Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online
February 3, 2023

The Most Hated Man on the Internet Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

The Most Hated Man on the Internet
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The Most Hated Man on the Internet Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

How many times do adults need to drill into their childrens heads that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU EVER EVER EVER TAKE NUDE PICS?! It doesn’t matter where you use them, if they’re on a device, they are accessible.

I just do not understand this fascination with taking nude photographs. Period. There’s absolutely no need for this to occur, and especially given the proclivity towards revenge that runs rampant in younger generations, the willingness to hand over tools to your own destruction is insanely stupid.

If you insist on being reckless then be prepared to face ramifications down the road- it’s no different than using your credit card under dubious circumstances, or answering those ‘Nigerian prince’ emails- you cannot be too careful when it comes to social media and/or text messages. If it can be used against you, I can all but guarantee there’s someone out there waiting to use something you did against you in harmful ways. STOP MAKING YOURSELVES INTO VICTIMS!

This series is a sad commentary on how complicit people have become in their own undoing and how much people crave attention, even negative. It’s long, tedious, and repeats the same stories over and over.

If you make yourself a victim you don’t get to claim victim status- and NO this is NOT the same as someone assaulted/criminally harmed. If you truly believe that taking naked pics of yourself is acceptable (you do you) and choose to store them online/a device, you have yourself to blame. So many narcissists in this world have been led to believe they can do what they want but the way the real world works is- you do what what you like but you also must face consequences for that behavior.

BHG is a completely different story- MY GOD. I can completely understand her children being taken from her. YOU KEPT FEEDING THE MONSTER, WHAT DIS YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN? How ON EARTH could you possibly think that placing more things in your rectum would help matters? I sincerely hope she’s accessing mental health support because this young woman has many issues she’s totally unaware of.

I and most people had never even heard of this website, and really didn’t/don’t care; all these narcissists that felt like it was okay to take these pics, store them online, then find their media hacked should be considering what it is that makes them vulnerable to hacks in the first place and being a little less self-involved. I don’t buy the whole ‘I was hacked!!’ nonsense anyway- what are the odds that the only people you know on the site both claim to have been hacked? Charlotte seems a little too coy about never sending these to anyone, and you felt frisky so took topless pics of yourself? My God. Please look into Narcissi and his downfall.

The Most Hated Man on the Internet Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online