November 29, 2023

Hard Cell Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Hard Cell
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Hard Cell Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Knowing her as Donna Noble from Doctor Who and possibly more known to Americans as Nellie Bertram from the US Office I was excited to see her when watching the trailer. And not knowing she plays multiple characters it was quite fun to realise such.

Her wide variety of characters played and others might be typical prison cliches but who cares. It was cleverly written, made me laugh, and astonishing the ability to act five or six different characters an episode of is well rather amazing.

I am not sure why there’s such a large amount of low votes as it seems it’s either ones or tens. Much like Yelp reviews. This isn’t a serious documentary about a strong willed and independent prison governor. Though not to brush it off because the premise is still lovely, but what I can say is the best analogy to describe Laura is that she’s Michael Scott from the US Office. Perhaps being on it influenced Ms Tate in how she performed the character but even then it just added a funny dimension.

The #2 innuendos surprisingly didn’t get old. The chemistry betwixt everyone I felt was well done which made you care for these women that have made terrible life mistakes.

Which makes the shocking conclusion jaw dropping. I really hope the show runners and Netflix aren’t discouraged by several morons that didn’t get the show.

I hope there is a second series because I need to see these women again. They are more than criminals. They are still human which in itself perhaps whilst being a comedy there still was a statement to be said. If not, I still had a good laugh for 2½ hours as I blew through the episodes, all while trying with all my might not to laugh too hard lest my full bladder fails.

Hard Cell Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online