April 22, 2024

Young Royals Forever 2024 Movie Review

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Young Royals Forever 2024 Movie Review

Over, over and over: The last of 18 episodes of the Swedish hit series “Young Royals” came to an end with quite the best dramatic heartbreak finale. Internationally, the queer drama became a ratings hit; in this country, Wille, Simon and their friends ended up in third place in the Netflix charts.

With the last episode, the “Young Royals” are TV history. But not completely! If you’re struggling with withdrawal symptoms, you’ll get your money’s worth with the documentary “Young Royals Forever.” “In the middle of it instead of just being there” is the motto of this making-of, in which the ensemble and the creatives alike chat about the world.

And that can score points with cute archive images. For example, there are original recordings of the casting when 17-year-old Edvin Ryding applies for the role of the prince. He has never met his future lover Simon alias Omar Rudberg before. The teenagers’ first romantic scenes together in front of the camera immediately convinced the makers: the chemistry between the charismatic boys was right straight away.

At the time, no one could have guessed what cult would emerge from this. Private recordings of the two of them visiting New York, which Edvin reviews on his smartphone, provide an insight into this. As soon as the stars are recognized in Times Square, more and more fans rush towards them. They can only save themselves from the dangerous situation with difficulty. After their talk show appearance, eight bodyguards ensure the safety of the young Swedes.

The hype still amazes the actors to this day. “Yesterday a family from Germany came to the filming location just to see the castle. And today there were fans from Denmark here,” reports Edvin. Meanwhile, Omar talks about moving fan mail that comes in from all over the world. And it impressively describes how “Young Royals” became a queer encouraging series.

“They’re like a school class”

The filming is surprisingly light-hearted, almost playful. “They’re like a school class,” is how the producer describes his young ensemble. In the mask, the prince mime chats away. He repeatedly dyed his hair for the role. Partner Omar is visibly surprised because he has never noticed this before. The hairy surprise is even bigger in the old application video from August alias Malte Gårdinger: the prince’s future rival presents himself with an opulently flowing curly hairstyle. After the engagement, the model’s cool mane fell victim to the scissors, as did her furry chest. As in the series, the 24-year-old turns out to be a secret star in the documentary. He stands in the wings with cheerful nonchalance and switches to an unpredictable psychopath as soon as the camera is rolling. The situation is similar with his almost-girlfriend Sara, alias Frida Argento, who speaks movingly and thoughtfully about her role as a teenager with autism.

Things really get down to business when the camera is present when the actors read together. The main author and executive producer Lisa Ambjörn goes through the scenes with the ensemble and waits curiously for the reactions to the coming chapters. When the final love scene is finally read, it’s not just the author who has tears in her eyes.

An image film for the fans

Of course, a lot more could have been gained from such a documentary. What accounts for this phenomenon? Who are the fans? What are the reactions? What hate emails are there? How do gay Swedes fare in homophobic countries? Of course, this making-of doesn’t want to be more than an homage, an image film. As a goldmine for fans, it’s always ideal.

“I cried more here than in the last episode,” fans reported on social media. Simon at least gives a little hint about the possible movie “that we should maybe make in five years.” Edvin also has consolation for sad fans: “This story is not over. From now on it will only take place without an audience.”

Young Royals Forever 2024 Movie Review