June 15, 2024

The Outreau Case: A French Nightmare Review 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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The Outreau Case: A French Nightmare Review 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

One might wonder why Netflix repackaged this colossal story over just 4 45-minute episodes. For example, for the Gregory affair (much less complex) we have 5 one-hour episodes… All the twists and turns and repercussions of the affair could and should have made it possible to develop the series over 10 episodes. For example, the potential murder of the little girl should have been the subject of an entire episode in itself.

The series seems made for French audiences. We have very little immersion in the atmosphere, in the Delay family before the scandal breaks out for example…

In the first episode: one of the Marécaux children made revelations of touching on at least 3 occasions + frequent running away with his sister, then aged 6 to 10… their father beat them violently. All of this is not stated in the series.

What the report also does not say: Father Delay was summoned to the police station before his home was searched: he therefore had the opportunity to get rid of the sensitive cassettes.

In the same way, the time elapsed between the searches and arrests of the other members of the network was several weeks, which made it possible to get rid of a lot of evidence, probably in particular video cassettes at Marécaux, of which the Marécaux daughter spoke of “they were buying video tapes every week.

The preponderant place of defense lawyers, why so ?

Why give more than half the speaking time to defense lawyers? And only a few minutes for child victims and their lawyer?

Throughout, we give the floor to lawyers Hubert Delarue, Frank Berton and Fabienne Roy Manson (doesn’t she have a conflict of interest? Being a childhood friend of Alain Marécaux, they studied together)

They comment on the course of events throughout. While the children and their representatives only detail their participation in the affair and do not comment on each other’s actions. Why such a bias towards the acquitted?

Episode 2 concerning the murder of the little girl. Many details do not appear in the documentary. In fact, corresponding elements were provided and overlap: added by Myriam Badaoui, the children and Daniel Legrand during interrogations (and without indication given by the judge). Notably that the little girl had blue pajamas and had a North African tan.

Episode 3: why does no one clearly indicate the media monopoly of the defense lawyers, because the civil parties had chosen not to give more media coverage to the case, affecting children… Why does no one clearly indicate the imbalance between representation accused and child victims? There were 2 lawyers for the children compared to 19 lawyers for the accused!

At minute 23:20 how can the directors leave without counterbalance the declarations of lawyer Delarue who says that children “talk nonsense”?

The defense lawyers chose to focus on the relationships mentioned by the children with animals. And yes, it is unfortunately possible to engage animals in sexual activity, zoophilic videos are proof! The defense focused attention on these facts in order to hide the specific accusations against the accused.

No one indicates in episode 3 that Myriam Badaoui’s retractions may have occurred within the framework of negotiations between the lawyers. This is indicated by several people involved in the case in the documentary Outreau the other truth.

The episode 4 of the series focuses on the children’s version changes. But who can, even as an adult, ensure that he would describe with exactly the same words things experienced, late after the facts occured ? (the 2 trials happened between 4 and 7 years later) ? Faced with angry lawyers who leave no room for reflection?

Odile Mondileu-Héderer, president of the Paris Court of Appeal in 2001-2007, attacks, for example, the testimony of the Laviers’ daughter because the doctor would not have found any after-effects of a rape suffered. But the examination was carried out several months, even several years after the facts denounced. So what evidentiary value should it have?

In order to open up reflection, I invite everyone to find out about the Angers pedophile network affair, which is proof that a pedophile prostitution network is possible in a small town in France…

The Outreau Case: A French Nightmare Review 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online