April 21, 2024

With Love Season 2 Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

With Love season 2
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With Love Season 2 Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

The Diaz family returns for With Love Season 2, and though the second outing of the show still focuses on important moments in the lives of Lily, Jorgito, their parents Beatriz and Jorge, their cousin Sol, her boyfriend Miles, Lily’s on/off boyfriend Santiago, Jorgito’s boyfriend Henry and family friend Nick, the season feels way less gimmicky in that we’re not finding random holidays to spend alongside these people. Instead, there’s a real connecting thread to the journey of Season 2, one that doesn’t just make a lot of sense, but that feels authentic to where each is in their lives.

But the season feels just as heartfelt as the first one, if not more. We already know these characters, so we are invested in their journeys, in their growth. There’s something for everyone in this season, whether that be the love of family – the one you are born with, the one you choose, or the one you build for yourself – the romantic kind, or the friendship that saves you from yourself when you are drowning. Love has never just been one thing, and this show is here to remind you that you never have to settle for just one type of it in your life.

We want to see Jorge and Henry do more than just be accepted, we want to see a season that is centered around them actually growing as a couple in a way that shows very rarely allow gay men. Which, of course, doesn’t mean Jorge won’t be Jorge – and really, would Henry, or us, love Jorgito if he were anyone but who he is? – but it does mean that the journey from “I” to “us” can be bumpy sometimes.

Not only that, but we also want to see Sol and Miles be together while Miles finds out how he fits into the Diaz family – and while Sol figures out how she fits into Miles’ family, with all that entails. Family is complicated, and blending families can be a challenge, one these two seem willing to take on.

That’s without even going into Beatriz and Jorge Sr. and their rekindled love affair, because yes, parents can still have a story to tell that’s separate from their children and the rest of their family, a story that’s just as interesting, and romantic.

And yes, we want Lily to figure out if her happily ever after is with Santiago, the guy who was there, and was perfect, and broke her heart, or with Nick, the one who has always been there but who she has never seen. We won’t spoil what the answer is, but we will say that, whichever “team” you find yourself rooting for, there will probably be enough moments to make you consider the other team at one point or another, but by the end of the season, most people will probably be on the same one. The one Lily chooses.

Whatever way you want to see it, that part is refreshing. If there is romantic drama, it’s almost all Lily’s – the queer couples can have their drama be internal, and their journeys be about how they grow within relationships that have their bumps, but that feels much more solid

The inherent binge-ability of the show absolutely works in its favor, but the number one positive thing about it is still its heart. With Love draws you in because you care, but you don’t care in an abstract way which means you can come back to figure out how the characters are doing in a couple of days, or in a week. No, you need to know right away. And since all the episodes are available, you can.

So, curl up on a couch and go spend a weekend with the Diaz family. Figure out what’s going on with Lily’s love life, how Beatriz and Jorge Sr. are doing, where Jorgito and Henry’s relationship is going, and if Sol and Miles have figured out what family looks like for them and where in the world Nick and Santiago fit in. We have a feeling you’ll like most of the answers. And, hopefully, this won’t be the last time we get to check in on this family.

With Love Season 2 Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online