May 29, 2024

Searching for Soul Food Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Searching for Soul Food
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Searching for Soul Food Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

There is certainly no shortage of food focused shows out there these days. It seems as though you can find cooking show for any niche you could possibly want. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to watch every single one of them and salivate over whatever is being served up on screen.

Hulu’s Searching for Soul Food follows celebrity chef Alisa Reynolds as she discovers what soul food looks like around the world. As she seeks out the food, she’ll also explore the stories, the people and the traditions of each place she visits, bringing her own flavor right along with her. The international journey finds her exploring the culinary worlds of Mississippi, Oklahoma, Appalachia, South Africa, Italy, Jamaica, Peru and Los Angeles.

The thing that separates Searching for Soul Food from other food shows, is that it is almost not primarily a food show. The new series plays almost more like a history documentary at times, giving a lesson on each and every place Reynolds visits before you ever see a plate. It’s a very educational show and likely not in the ways you would expect as you sit down to watch it.

That being said, when they do get around to the food, this show knows how to get your mouth watering. You’re not going to want to start watching if you’re already hungry. In most cases, you get a good look at how the amazing food is made and that only makes it that much more enticing.

Of course, the audience is likely going to know what to expect then it comes to American soul food. Had Reynolds remained stateside, the show would have become repetitive very quickly. The show really picks up when it goes international and Reynolds heads out to other countries like South Africa and Italy. You know what you’re going to get from Mississippi, which is great in it’s own way, but if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, maybe try one of the international episodes instead.

The content featured in this new series is great. Unfortunately, at times, the way it is cut together is not so great. There are some odd editing choices throughout this show, with repeated clips of dancing or old cartoons thrown into parts in which I would much rather be seeing Reynolds share some more insights on the food. It can be a bit frustrating in some brief moments and at times even plays a tad corny.

And speaking of corny, the humor featured throughout the show can be hit and miss. Every now and then Reynolds delivers a good laugh. Unfortunately, there is a whole lot of cringe to go around between them, and not necessarily just from Reynolds. Of course, you’re probably not coming to this show for comedy so it’s nice when some of it lands.

Overall, Searching for Soul Food is an interesting show that is going to leave you hungry. It is certainly not your typical food show as it focuses as much on the history of various cultures as it does on the food. Reynolds is a charismatic and fun host that drives this journey along from one delicious location to the next. And when they do get to the food, you’re going to want to have the menu to your favorite restaurant handy.

Searching for Soul Food Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online