May 29, 2024

Thursday’s Widows Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Thursday’s Widows Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

THURSDAY’S WIDOWS on Netflix is a new mini-series with just six episodes. A thriller mystery from Mexico (org. title: Las viudas de los jueves). It’s a very character-driven story and also a remake of the 2009 movie of the same title. Both are based on a novel. Read our full Thursday’s Widows series review here!

THURSDAY’S WIDOWS is a new Netflix thriller mystery mini-series with just six 45-minute episodes. This is a Mexican production (org. title: Las viudas de los jueves) and a remake – or retelling, if you will – of the 2009 movie from Argentina. Both this new series and the movie are based on the very popular book by Claudia Piñeiro.

The story plays out in a gated community in Mexico, where the wealthy are living their best lvies. Or are they? Not everything is as it seems and in the opening scene, three men end up dead in a swimming pool. How this came about will ultimately be shown in the sixth and final episode, so you’ll get definitive answers.

A very character-driven story
This limited series has a very character-driven story which is exactly why there’s enough for six episodes. The episodes are named after the various families in the community where everything plays out. This also results in very non-linear storytelling, but it never gets confusing. We’re also told when things happened “A month earlier” to make sure we’re on board with how things evolve.

And we do need to understand what has been going on in this luxurious Altos de la Cascade estate. Obviously, everything isn’t nearly as wonderful as it appears on the very polished surface.

When Teresa (Irene Azuela) returns from her weekly night out with the other wives of the community, she finds her husband Tano (Omar Chaparro), and two of his friends dead in their swimming pool. This obviously shocks the other residents, but everyone is quick to call it an accident. Well, at first anyway.

In the very first episode, we learn why the wives are known as the Thursday’s Widows or “The Widows of Thursdays” – the latter was actually the English title of the 2009 movie.

The reason for this moniker is that the husbands meet up on Thursdays. This obviously frees up the night for all the wives, who go out for dinner and just have fun. They have no husbands on this day, so people started referring to them as widows and they latched on to this new title.

However, that doesn’t mean these wives (or the husbands, for that matter) are all real and true friends. Their friendship relies mostly on the fact that they live in this exclusive community and are all wealthy. Or, at least, they appear to be, but very little is as it seems. In this very character-driven story, we learn that people can be brutal towards their so-called friends. Hell, even their spouses.

Thursday’s Widows Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online