May 30, 2024

Once Upon a Crime 2023 Movie Review

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Once Upon a Crime 2023 Movie Review

Once Upon a Crime is the latest creation from the Impossible Things Entertainment team. A lockdown creation filled with suspense, drama and murder. The team behind this ‘whodunnit’ experience usually hosts innovative mix of live music, theatre, circus, film, TV, digital, immersive experiences throughout London & Birmingham.

Whilst they haven’t been able to do just that throughout lockdown, they have introduced Once Upon a Crime, a unique murder mystery with twists, turns and excitements around every corner.

“Something’s going down at the Impossible Things Detective Agency and we need YOUR help to bust open the case.

Thrown into a noir fairytale underworld, you’ll have to use a combination of techniques to find clues and track down the culprit to the crime. With every click, you will unwind a web of larger than life characters in a multiplayer experience.

The proceedings take the form of a live, character hosted, interactive zoom meeting. Dressing up is encouraged, as you step inside the story itself to find out ‘whodunnit? Grab your clever friends and find yourself a film noir inspired ensemble and a classic cocktail. It’s going to be a fun night…”

An experience hosted using zoom, you are joined by a live themed host who takes you on the story. Using a mixture of live entertainment and a cross of pre-recorded videos to create a high quality, entertained experience. Throughout the experience, you must solve the clues and riddles that come in all different multi-media forms to work out who is the murderer! Just remember not to delve too deep into everyone’s stories and get lost in the dark noir world you are have entered into.

The experience starts 24 hours before you play when you receive an invite to White’s speakeasy establishment. This is the first part of your mystery and you must solve this as you may find it very handy very early on. Whilst hosted on zoom, you will go to many other places whilst being a detective. You do require Whatsapp & Facebook as outside tools to get the full experience.

Once Upon a Crime has many interactive elements throughout and whilst its not an escape room, it takes inspiration from that. Many interactive elements are brought in to keep you engaged and engaged you must be in order to solve the case. With a large cast of people with very unique names, you need to work out who was behind this by going into the backstory of each of the characters. If you steer off path, you have trusty live experienced detectives who may or may not assist you along your journey.

Once Upon a Crime 2023 Movie Review