February 27, 2024

The Singapore Grip Review 2020 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

The Singapore Grip Review 2020 Tv Show
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The Singapore Grip Review 2020 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Stars: David Morrissey, Colm Meaney, Luke Treadaway

I can say even this apparently ‘new series’ is so full of ideas that yet include both good and bad. It seems like cherry-picked from other drama’s whether it’s actually ‘new’ or not is questionable.

We can see that this show is slow, has been poorly performed, and it also seems like plain dull. This is really a waste of good performers and their abilities. I might say ITV needs to find something new and engaging if they want to fill their schedules, as quickly as they can, this might be good.

Truly saying, according to my experience for this series I gave up on this series after two episodes. Because there was nothing in this show that will keep interested and also keep me engaging with this series. All the characters are uniformly unlikeable and literally I don’t like them much. And if I say apart from all these there is one played by Charles Dance, but he doesn’t hang around long enough. I thought it could be good if it will be of much use to the story. Many of the other characters are either two-dimensional cardboard cutout villains to be booed and hissed, or bumbling morons to be mocked and ridiculed. All in all, an opportunity to tell the story of one of the biggest turning points in British and Southeast Asian history is reduced to little more than a predictable soap opera.

I am really not impressed by this series because it is not even funny, not dramatic, not interesting, adding nothing new to this show. But I am surprised yet these producers still found financing for all of the expensive show that gets put on? Why Don’t they all know it’s crap as they shoot it? Why Don’t they know the mood is wrong, and in this show, nobody is making even any effort to make it better? Actors must put some emotional capital into the scene to make it emotional and engaging. They must suffer a little for this show, but here they don’t even bother.

No Offense but one must say only the director, Tom Vaughan in this case can destroy a story in this way like it has been done. It’s as if he instructed the actors that their motivation consisted of doing nothing; caring about nothing, reacting to nothing; just dress up, disappear and draw your pay. The fall of Singapore was a significant event in history but here it is trivialized: the over-the-top-stupid military commanders, the banal, derivative “jazz” soundtrack… and then it’s Three Stooges time, but how do you fit the Three Stooges into a historical and tragic event? Imagine something in this style made about the attack on Pearl Harbor. It just doesn’t work.

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The Singapore Grip Review 2020 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online