Tehran Review 2020 Tv Show
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Tehran Review 2020 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Tehran Review 2020 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Creators: Dana Eden, Maor Kohn, Omri Shenhar 

Stars: Niv Sultan, Shaun Toub, Menashe Noy

Usually, I saw too many reviews about this series that’s why I become so curious and started to watch the series because. Most of them wrote negative things about the new, as they called, “anti-Iranian” show in Israel.

When I watched the first episode it wasn’t quite accurate and interesting to me, more especially the part where she first came to Iran and saw an execution scene in the middle of the city. But as I continued to watch I get so excited about the accuracy of the show and it also increases my curiosity towards this vary show. And the most important part all the cast and crew who don’t live in Iran and even can not come to the country to do some research like this. It is very true. All the details in the story are quite not perfect for sure but it’s very similar to the truth.

I really liked the series so far, it seems both for me, smart and entertaining to watch. By keeping, politics aside I really much love the people of Israel and as well as like their multi-culture atmosphere. And it also gives height to my knowledge about the country, as I watch the series, I also get to know more about the country.

Overall, if I talk about the makers of the show, great thanks for the series, and those pictures of Iranian people (with all of their paradoxes) seem very similar to the truth. The story is pretty cool and all the Israel culture has shown, I love it.

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Tehran Review 2020 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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