The Last Mercenary 2021 Movie Review
July 5, 2022

The Last Mercenary 2021 Movie Review

The Last Mercenary
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The Last Mercenary 2021 Movie Review

Director: David Charhon

This film was way too long. The 110 runtime felt endless with too many long and unnecessary scenes. You could easily trim off 20 mins, and the slow pacing wouldn’t feel as obvious, and you’d still get the gist of the story, and probably in a more enjoyable way.

Novice writer and director David Charhon’s directing wasn’t bad for a newb, but he certainly needed to tweak his screenplay. It was convoluted, and there were just too many plot and technical issues, and was also riddled with pretty much every cheesy cliche of this genre. The best part of this entire film were the last 15 min or so, where you’ll find the most action and laughs. Everything prior is mainly useless filler.

The “comedy” was pretty stale, goofy and cliched – I may have laughed a few times, and the cartoonish cast didn’t make the comedy any funnier, or the story any better. Most of their characters were annoying and some even cringeworthy. JCVD of course delivered, especially during the fight scenes, and he was even surprisingly hilarious.

Nevertheless, it’s much better than the Bruce Willis and Steven Seagal garbage that’s come out in the last few years. If you’re a JCVD fan, this is a must see… his performance (and flexibility) is awesome.

This is a GREAT film that should be on everyone’s radar. There should be a mandate that this is required viewing. It’s THAT good. This film has everything you could want in a film: action, suspense, humor, a deep story, characters you care about and believe in. When I watched this film I had NO idea what to expect and I was totally surprised.

There’s one scene that combines a motorcycle race, ten surfboards, and a diaper, and juxtaposes these elements in the most insane and yet super artistic way. I was just really blown away by how beautiful this film is. Parts of the screenplay are like living poetry and there’s a whole sequence thats like watching a mosaic of futurist painting but as like a kinetic sculpture. Its mind blowing.

I’m making it an emergency mandate. As of right now. Viewing these printed words represents an unspoken but very real and legally binding contract wherein you agree to (within a week’s time) agree to view the film in question, credits to credits, forthwith. In the name of our Lord, with glory to thee. Hence, goest thou, seek and view.

The Last Mercenary 2021 Movie Review