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July 6, 2022

Superman & Lois (TV Series 2021– )

Superman & Lois tv series
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Gone are those days when superhero movies were only meant to be watched and enjoyed by kids and teenagers. CW comes up with its latest superhero drama series ‘Superman & Lois’. One of the world’s most well-known and loved superhero is here yet again to save the world from evil. It is believed to be aspiring as one of CW’s most progressive series. Superman & Lois is sort of a reinvention of the previous Superman franchise. The most challenging part of writing and creating a Superman story is the character justification. The writers always have to keep in mind the superhero to be physically and emotionally strong and just.

Despite the fact that this series seems to be a shift from a hardcore superhero action to family drama, this series definitely has ample of live action. There hardly seems to be a moment where you wouldn’t fall in love with these characters of the series. For every Superman fan, this really is good news we all have been eagerly waiting for a long time.


The American superhero drama ‘Superman & Lois’ basically shows how the character battles to find a balance between his life as a husband and father and his duty of saving the world. Clark Kent/Superman and Lois along with their sons plan to return to Clark’s hometown Smallville. This was the same place where Clark’s father suffered a fatal heart attack. Clark being just a teenager at that time made a decision to save others from any problem.

In the opening of the episode Superman is seen narrating the story of his life. How he was a super child with some extraordinary powers sent to Earth from a dying planet. He was raised by the farmers Jonathan and Martha. They also taught him how to use his super-powers in helping mankind. When Clark/Superman grew up to pursue a career as a reporter, he fell in love with Lois Lane, the famous journalist.

‘Superman & Lois’ mainly focuses on the everyday human troubles that Superman fails to handle. For him preventing a nuclear reactor meltdown is easier than handling day-to-day fuss. This show is pretty interesting to watch as a Superhero lover. It shows you the vulnerable side of the hero. When Clark returns to his hometown Smallville with his family, his mother suffers a fatal stroke hitting him with a realization that family and community are the most important part of life to pass along to his sons.


The super charming Tyler Hoechlin plays Clark and Superman. According to abc entertainment Hoechlin as Superman is a complete package. Bitsie Tulloch plays as Lois Lane. The chemistry between the two was amazing. Hoechlin as superman is super nerdy and has a lot of reasonability on his shoulders of his loved ones and the world. Tulloch as Lane comes off as the smartest one. The others in the starcast include Alex Garfin, Jordan Elsass, Inde Navarrette and many more. The selection of cast was perfect. The acting and portrayal of every character seemed smooth and effortless.


If you love some action and drama mixed with some family drama, then ‘Superman & Lois’ is the series that you definitely love.  It is very entertaining and is different from the mainstream superhero stories. We give this series thumbs up.