June 24, 2024

Naga 2023 Movie Review

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Naga 2023 Movie Review

I always said “I hope that Saudi film industry will reach this level one day on the directorial and cinematic level”, and guess what? Naga movie has met that!

After the anger comments on this movie, by the ridicule, do you think we should take a deep breath and let us evaluate the film with its true identity?

The movie Naga is a psychological drama, psychological thriller, suspense, psychological horror, social horror,

From what I see from the comments, I was expecting a movie, a philosophical drama, a social drama. Some even described it as science fiction.

So, you put the film in a different mold and judged it according to the mold that you set for it, and this is not the problem of the film or its makers. The film put itself in the molds of Jordan Peele’s films, such as Get Out and others. You put it with Taxi Driver and demanded from it compelling social messages, leaving out the elements of suspense, excitement, and horror, and paying attention only to your issues. Your claims are with lawyers, not filmmakers

I really don’t know when was the last time I saw a scenario for an Arab psychological thriller and psychological horror film that had these elaborate twists in the scenario without being marred by many exaggerations or many coincidences. Even the dazzling use of horror tools was sometimes acceptable and sometimes wonderful.

There is a matter, unfortunately, that I did not see anyone praising, even though it was a basic pillar. This type of film is the product of foreign culture, and all the Arab films I saw in this mold were attracting many foreign ideas and implanting them in their scenarios. Have you seen the originality in the tools of excitement and horror in the film? ? Meshal Al-Jasser used common Saudi social and cultural tools and made them themes of horror and created branches of the dangers that the heroine of the film will face, such as:

Desert: a terrifying geographical area and a period of time

Paternal authority: and the fear of the father, and this was specific to the scenario, and this was very justified by making it a driver, given that it is controlled by a family that has a history with the ruler. His father killed his mother, and the doctor only created for her reason what the father would do when controlling his daughter, but what is very beautiful is that in The end of the movie is for a reason for the door after she made a very smart move. Even if we admit that the burning of the store was a coincidence, this type of scenario requires these coincidences because it is a starting point. You wanted to go back to the most famous horror and suspense films and count how much they talked about this type of accident. If she discovered that it was not the source of fear, but rather the source of safety for her, his crying and fear for her and the absence of heavy drinking on her hijab with the capabilities of children on it, it was a wonderful social message and you will be accused of the film, you will know that it is selling messages.

Her disregard for social controls and her going out surreptitiously with a foreign man: This is what I was upset about. The film’s director discusses this issue as a basic dilemma in the scenario and said that it happens in every home! Rather, the man created all the expanses of the universe and these disastrous adventures from his personal actions. I see how a mistake leads to a bigger mistake and a bigger mistake. Did he acquit the girl for her eyes? Do I see you as persecuted? We conveyed to you the journey of extremism and the dangers that result from this scene

The many secret parties: They were wonderful and well-informed, as the barbarian preacher went to the land and talked about them. There were only wonderful sequences, whether with events or past twists, and future events, including a smooth social and sarcastic comedy. There was also the demarcation of the heroine Salhiya, who is the truth and revenge, which will remind him of the severed instrument, which represents the marrow. For the movie, whether when her lover chose her side or she wrote to her friend for causing a very old problem for her, this was shown by the pouring of coffee on her face in a scene in which there was a duality between implementing her hatred and revenge and trying to wake him up.

The camel “Naga”: Since he went into the world of experimental horror, he used the camel as one of his terrifying themes. What about her? With a very common incident, which is the accidents of camels on the roads, which created a line of excitement and horror, and even the spinning of traits such as hatred, the constant suffering of a character as long as it remains a desert, and the matter did not end only with spinning the camel with this characteristic, with spinning it with the character of the heroine, not for the other symbolisms and philosophical purpose, but rather to make it appear whether the heroine is confronting herself in her vision. It carries the same characteristic that the she-camel carries, which is truth and revengeā€¦ a feast that was eaten by humans, gods and monsters. It seemed that the hero looked like a she-camel, as she fed from the she-camel by eating it brutally as a kind of circle of revenge that did not end, but it was interrupted in the last scene when she beat her brother and took revenge on him. There was an event that came before all of these planes that completed the traits of her personality that she began with, which is that she never forgets her hatred, to complete the story of the poster in the movie that Sarah is the she-camel.

Naga 2023 Movie Review