April 25, 2024

Daily Dose of Sunshine Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Daily Dose of Sunshine Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

    Jung Da-eun (Park Bo-young) is up early to start her first day as a nurse in the psychiatric department of Myongshin University Hospital. She’s a third-year nurse who transferred over from the internal medicine department, upon the suggestion of the head nurse of that department. Her mother tries to get her to drink a smoothie on the way out, thinking she’s not eating enough.

    When she arrives, the head nurse, Song Hyo-shin (Lee Jung-eun) takes her on a tour and reminds her that lanyards and fine-tipped metal pens aren’t allowed. The rest of the nurses, including her former nursing school classmate, wonder why she transferred from internal medicine.

    When the doctors do their rounds, she runs into Dr. Hwang Yeo-hwan (Chang Ryul), her tutor during nursing school; he wants to know if she transferred to the psychiatric department because of him, and she insisted she didn’t.

    The first patient Da-eun takes care of is Oh Ri-na (Jung Woon-seon), who is brought in by her mother due an incident where the woman took off her clothes in public and started dancing. Her behavior is consistent with someone with bipolar disorder, but Ri-na insists she’s fine and being held against her will. For an involuntary hold, her mother forges the signature of her son-in-law, a judge, but then is sent out to get the judge to sign.

    One thing that Da-eun learns is to listen to the emotions behind a patient’s words, a lesson she learns the hard way with Ri-na. Dr. Hwang helps her, along with her best friend and former roommate, Song Yoo-chan (Jang Dong-yoon), who flunked out of nursing school even though Dr. Hwang tutored him at the same time he tutored Da-eun.

    Daily Dose Of Sunshine, based on the book Morning Comes To Psychiatric Wards, is about as pure a procedural as Korean dramas get. There may be some pieces of story that continue from week to week, but for the most part, Da-eun and the rest of the psychiatric department will be dealing with a new case or two per week, and Da-eun’s preternaturally sunny disposition will help her in a department that’s tough for a new nurse to navigate.

    The series is supposed to be a comedy, as we see when one of the doctors, Kong Cheol-woo, (Lim Jae-hyuk), who is suffering through hemorrhoids, sees Dong Go-geun (Yeon Woo-jin), a patient who thinks he has OCD because he’s always cracking the joints on his hand. When he finally gets his ‘roids treated, he’s very surprised by the doctor who is treating him.

    It’s pretty obvious that both Koong and Dong are there for comedic relief, as is Song Yoo-chan. At least Yoo-chan is there to give Da-sun some helpful advice and have some heartfelt moments with her, as the two of them have come to lean on each other over the years.

    The idea, though, is that the comedic moments will be balanced by emotional and dramatic moments, like when Ri-na talks about why she hates that her mother always gives her grapes to eat as an example of how she’s let other people define who she is her entire life. Just how that balances might vary from episode to episode, but the heartfelt moments feel both earned and sincere, which helps.

    Daily Dose of Sunshine Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online