May 29, 2024

Blue Eye Samurai Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Blue Eye Samurai Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

    With so much of the anime world being over populated with minor variations of the same stories and themes, this was a really great palate cleanser.

    Netflix can certainly commission some great works now and then. An original story with a great female lead. I was expecting this to be based on a manga or light novel, yet apparently it isn’t. Also with the title I expected it to be a twist on the life of William Adams an actual blue eyed samurai of the time. Again nope, for that you’ll have to watch the phenomenal Richard Chamberlain’s Shogun.

    The voice cast is fantastic. Kenneth Branagh oozes malicious evil and is completely unrecognisable voice wise. His scottish accent does come and go through out the series which is the only criticism of his performance. If you are going to make a character that make it consistent. George Sakei doesn’t have to do much acting wise as he’s done this role so many times before. Alas its what people tend to give you when you get to his age, even though his voice still has plenty of energy to it.

    This is definitely not for kids with the bloody action of every episode with regular sex and sex themes. After the uproar of how women were treated in Game of Thrones its not surprising the writers felt they had to hammer home the point that women have very little options in that time period repeatedly.

    The action is well thought out and stays grounded without going over the top as so many series and films want to. There’s a clear arc for each of the characters and the writers have thought it through without making the development seem either forced or the next necessary step. There is one slight exception to that which feels it unless you’re aware that such craftsmanship and ingenuity was present, and done in the time period. Just not on the mass production level needed for the plot point. There are some nice twists and turns in it to keep the tale from going stale.

    There are some familiar tropes used in the series which are forgivable. The supporting male character who doesn’t realise he’s fallen for the lead. The comic Ringo who is a genuine delight to watch and you grow to care for. That in itself is a nice change to how such characters are usually done.

    Blue Eye Samurai Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online