Amy Schumer’s Parental Advisory 2022 Movie Review
July 2, 2022

Amy Schumer’s Parental Advisory 2022 Movie Review

Amy Schumer’s Parental Advisory
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Amy Schumer’s Parental Advisory 2022 Movie Review

We have another special fresh from the Netflix Is A Joke Festival, landing on Netflix this weekend Amy Schumer Presents: Parenting Guide. Schumer, like Bill Burr Presents: Friends Who Kill, found comics from around the world to participate in this special. Will we get some laughs? Let’s dive in.

Schumer coming on stage with a COVID joke? My goodness, please let it stop. However, since Schumer is a new mom, I knew we would have fresh material from her, which didn’t disappoint. She hit all cylinders, from naming her son to her tramp stamp to a hilarious mother-in-law joke. It’s crazy that Schumer gets so much hate from so many people, but I always found her work funny. Your work here reminded me of that and was a great way to start the show.

Remember this is just like Burr’s Special in that we have a revolving door of comedians coming on stage and playing for a few minutes. First up, Ron Funchess who is BEAUTIFUL! Funchess talks about his just past one year anniversary with his second wife and how much better things are at this time (I agree with this message). I never thought I’d be sitting here and watching a comedian talk a whole lot about bottled water while laughing hysterically. The special so far is two for two.

Our next comedian is Jaye McBride. I’m not familiar with her work so let’s see if she makes me a fan. Great a covid joke followed by a covid sex joke sigh. However, one vaccination/trans joke ends up in perfection: holy cow, perfect delivery and punch line. McBride’s set had its ups and downs, but overall it was good enough to make me want to seek out more of her work.

Schumer is back on stage to talk about the Oscars and of course the infamous slap that’s been heard around the world. She leads with a Fresh Prince joke and follows with some of the jokes she was told not to make. I could have skipped that part, and no wonder the academy said no, sigh.

CHRISTINA P is in the HOUSE! If you’ve been following RSC, you’ve seen how much I loved the special she was in this year mom genes. She has a Chick Fil A joke that is a HOME RUN. So when you hear it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Nobody has better parenting jokes than Christina, and as a parent, they land even better for me. I swear she and Taylor Tomlinson are the two funniest women alive. i loved that

Next, Rachel Feinstein, of whom I’m a huge fan, takes the stage. Feinstein delivers as always. I love it when a comedian is good at telling stories but adding accents to the jokes. She is amazing with accents. We’re on the right track folks and the lineup is amazing.

Chris Distefano is next. I’ve heard of this guy but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen his entire set. So excited to see what he has for us. The boy bombarded this man, he made a full sentence about COVID, and the crowd moaned (including me) more than laughed. Our good run ended, but we’re 100% about getting back on track when Lil Rel Howery closes the show.

Howery takes the stage in a denim outfit and a cowboy hat looking hilarious. My husband came and saved the day. I love Howery and he has the BEST line in this comedy field. Howery’s jokes about being a father with daughters and gosh some of the way he tells those stories/jokes are so funny. At one point he calls his kid a “little motherfucker,” and I swear I’m spitting out my drink because he realized what he was saying in the moment. It was classic. Howery ends the show with a much-needed bang.

Overall, I love how the special’s tone matches its title, parent counseling. Each of the comics dealt with jokes in the specific area of ​​the family. It was a nice change to have people come on stage and play different sets. I highly recommend trying this out if it drops on Netflix.

Amy Schumer’s Parental Advisory 2022 Movie Review