April 23, 2024

Welcome to Samdalri Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Welcome to Samdalri Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

    Korean stars Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun lead the new kdrama – Welcome to Samdal-ri , which delves into the country-city contrast as the main characters introduce the audience to their life and goals. This JTBC drama found its global fanbase after streaming on Netflix on December 2 and has released two episodes as of today. Directed by Cha Young-hoon, the drama narrates the tale of two soulmates and childhood friends who lost touch and drifted away due to different objectives in life.

    Written by Kwon Hye-joo – This romantic comedy begins with a heartfelt childhood flashback featuring the main characters, Jo Yong-pil and Jo Sam-dal.

    Set on the small seaside town of Jeju Island, Samdal-ri introduces us to childhood friends who are determined to follow their dreams, while one wants to proudly stay and live the small-town life, the other desires to make a dreamy career in the big city life of Seoul. The voice-over hints at their anticipated future, “The girl dreamed of souring out from her small stream to become a dragon. While the boy dreamt of becoming her small stream.”

    A few minutes later the flashback, we get to meet the passionate and succesful fashion photographer, Samdal, who now goes by the name Cho Eun-hye and lives the dream-come-true life in Seoul with two sisters and a niece. While her ex-lover and the charming pride of Samdal-ri is now a weather forecaster, whose accurate predictions and hell-bent attitude often lead his colleagues into trouble.

    The multiple timeline switches effectively from past and present throughout the episode, with some scenes showing a teenage Yong Pil and Samdal battling their conflicts and fates as they experience the bitter breakup. With many dramatic comedy moments ingrained in the episode, you’ll never have a dull moment throughout its run.

    From the humorous scenes of a work meeting with Jong-Pill or the eye-grabbing breakup scene of the bold Sam-dal to her cheating boyfriend to the intense tear-jerking scene of workplace jealousy and rivalry, the episode sets the tone in the right direction for the drama.

    By the end of episode 1, we see the unlikely return of Samdal with her sisters and niece to Jeju Island, and their parents are stuck in shock.

    The main lead pair delivered a power-packed performance, along with an introduction of supporting characters as Samdal’s family. However, fans will have to patiently wait for the soulmates to revive the lost touch and love for each other in the upcoming episodes.

    While the drama feels like a twisted tale of a new beginning and career troubles, it is intriguing to watch Ji Chang Wook win the bittersweet romance with Shin Hye-sun.

    The new episodes will be released weekly on Netflix.

    Welcome to Samdalri Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online