July 24, 2024

Wedding Games 2023 Movie Review

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Wedding Games 2023 Movie Review

Alex and Eva are getting married. Though Alex is planning to have this marriage go as he has always dreamed, Alex and Eva’s mothers are not letting that happen. 53 hours before the wedding, complications start arising when Eva learns that her dress is not ready. Alex is the one who volunteers to stay behind and get it to her.

The truth is, Alex is sitting for an interview with the CEO of a gaming company. He will be making his dream come true by receiving funding for his prototype. Alex can’t tell Eva about this, as she is already stressed. What begins as one problem turns into many as hurdles keep coming Alex’s way. The more time Alex takes, the more Eva suspects, and the more their wedding is in danger.

Dan Ferreira, as Alex, and Dandara Mariana, as Eva, give satisfying and genuine performances for a film that is filled with problems. They don’t spend much time together on screen, yet their characters’ relationship feels authentic when they are together.

Wedding Games is all about the chaos that erupts in the lead characters’ lives. The hurdles that show up in their lives never feel unrealistic or completely ridiculous. They are believable, and even the characters’ approach to solving the problems is realistic, even though anything can happen in a comedy-drama.

The film runs at quite a fast pace and feels extremely rushed. In no time, it hops from one topic to another without giving the viewer a chance to understand the scenario or the characters featured.

The supporting characters are, for the most part, useless. The way they are teased hints that they will play an important role in the chaos. They get a scene or two but never become part of the bigger picture.

The film has elements of a road trip drama, and every character that Alex meets should leave an impression on viewers. Unfortunately, all these characters and their storylines are easily forgettable.

During the finale, it feels like the film just wants to get done with its subplots. The twists in both Alex and Eva’s storylines are ill-thought-out and don’t offer any excitement.

Wedding Games is a rushed and forgettable rom-com that leaves you disappointed by the end. Only the performance of the lead cast is some saving grace for this film, which is full of half-baked characters and bland twists.

Wedding Games 2023 Movie Review