June 23, 2024

Wake Up, Carlo! Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Wake Up, Carlo! Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

A 7-year-old boy goes to sleep for 22 years and wakes up to learn his best friends have become serious adults. With his positivity, free spirit and total lack of knowledge about life’s basic instincts – aside from eating guava filled cookies Carlo awakens in his childhood friends the desire to be as free as him.

Carlo is a quirky and fun-loving kid who is passionate about cookies and adventure. But after falling into a magically deep sleep, things will never be the same again! “Wake Up, Carlo!” is a Brazilian animated series directed by Juliano Enrico.

“Wake Up, Carlo!” is an adult animation series that is incredibly humorous. It is created as if it were a children’s series, but within just two minutes, we realize that it is definitely not intended for children.

The show is filled with jokes about substance consumption and metaphors that will undoubtedly make you laugh. You’ll encounter children with dark circles under their eyes as if they’ve stayed up all night, children consuming ice cream and “magical” candy bags as if they were addicted to other substances, and an island of fun that seems like it’s from a trippy nightmare.

This is a comedy meant for adults, specifically for those who have spent many nights away from home, perhaps not always being “good” and indulging in things that were not entirely legal in some states.

“Wake Up, Carlo!” is incredibly witty, with its 2D animation and constant references to substance use, without explicitly stating it. It’s humor reminiscent of Snoop Dog, but narrated like a bedtime story for children. (With a couple of extra puffs).

Enjoy this unique new series that adds to the extensive list of edgy adult animations, this time from Brazil and with a strong psychedelic touch.
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Wake Up, Carlo! Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online