May 29, 2024

Valeria Season 3 Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Valeria Season 3 Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Valeria’s no-strings-attached agreement with Víctor goes awry and they drift apart for a while. Lola finds a new fling who’s a young bloke and not really interested in being a fling, and Lola is taken aback by that.

Nerea finds it hard to find someone she can have a long-term relationship and family. Carmen is overcome by the stress and anxieties of wedding preparations, made worse and more difficult by her promotion, which delights her and Borja.

Val and Víctor stop seeing each other. Val finds author Bruno Aguilar, who hits on her, very appealing, while Víctor tries moving on through hookups. However, both of them can’t get over each other completely. Val does, however, and when she tries testing if he’s ready to change, he fails, prompting Val to finally choose who’s right for her, and it is Bruno.

Lola struggles with the age gap until she overcomes her fears and reservations, confessing her love to Rai and beginning a new relationship. Carmen is pregnant and as she and Borja marry each other, they look on to a merry life together.

Nerea finally meets an ideal date but she can’t be with her since her body and brain are preoccupied with the photographer Georgina who she shares incredible chemistry with. She breaks up with Nuria to get together with Georgina, and the two eventually do, entering their relationship with a great start.

Diana Gomez delivers a solid performance as the titular lead going through the great troubles of love, confidence, and commitment. Val is vulnerable and fierce and Gomez renders both points of the spectrum with ease.

Silma Lopez is a blast as the adorable and raunchy Lola, and yet she nails the emotional and vulnerable parts of the character. Víctor is portrayed as more than just an eye-candy and his yearning and regret are things that Maxi Iglesias portrays with great conviction.

Paula Malia is chaotic as Carmen and even if there’s rarely a subdued or calm moment with her on the screen, Malia finds those subtle nuances and does a great job delivering on them.

Teresa Riott is really moving when she’s vulnerable and shows her sensitive sides in the midst of her upright and continuously fretting demeanor.

The show focuses on four primary storylines and yet there doesn’t seem to be an interjecting mess that feels like incoherent chaos. All stories and characters are very easy to follow.

The color palette and the tricks Valeria season 3 uses are brilliant. Some of the scenes really pop out and match the vibrance that’s inherent to the stories and people involved.

The storytelling is also refreshing where the affair could’ve simply been shot-reverse-shot, it is much more creative and daring. The cutaways are done in ways that will make even those who hate the visual technique love them.

There’s an undeniable warmth that permeates most of the scenes and the affection, chemistry, and adoration that the central characters share is truly wholesome to see.

Nerea’s story and Carmen’s are both lacking in substance, comparatively speaking. The way Nerea’s arc ends seems a bit of a letdown, especially when her relationship with Georgina seems a bit weak.

Georgina and Nerea’s chemistry and intimate moments are largely reduced to sex scenes and what Nerea talks about Georgina’s endearing qualities and the adorable dynamic they share is not shown as much as it could have been.

The season marks the conclusion of the Valeria but it doesn’t feel like a satisfying finale, as it feels any new development can create yet another bit of drama in the girls’ new relationships. They don’t seem to be the happy-ever-afters they could’ve been had more time been given to their storylines and romances.

The sex scenes are not good at all and mostly exist to serve up the most run-of-the-mill, drab set of sequences. It only becomes more irksome that they are so frequent and abundant here.While Valeria season 3 misses the mark on tying things up neatly and exploring all characters and their final chapters of the story equally, the final installment of the series is rife with warmth and lighter moments that inspire hope as well as provide a comfort binge.

Valeria Season 3 Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online