June 24, 2024

Too Old for Fairy Tales 2 2024 Movie Review

Too Old for Fairy Tales 2
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Too Old for Fairy Tales 2 2024 Movie Review

Waldek, Staszek, and Delphina are going out to Aunt Mariola’s house in the mountains for the summer vacation with Teresa and her new boyfriend, Piotrek.Piotrek is a well-meaning guy who is studying law and is a climbing enthusiast. He does his best to bond with the children but it is quite embarrassing to watch.They arrive at Mariola’s and the first thing she does is take the children’s laptops so that they can enjoy time outdoors.

She has an entire itinerary planned for them that includes watching her paraglide down the mountain.Piotrek and Teresa love each other and Piotrek plans to propose to her at the right moment. He finds a good spot atop the mountain, but the ring falls out of the box.The moment passes as Mariola glides by and Teresa brings up Waldek’s father who lives in the area. Waldek and Staszek are secretly watching them and overhear this.

Waldek never met his father and doesn’t know anything about him but this is his first chance to do something about it.Staszek tells him that Piotrek and Teresa will never willingly give him the opportunity so he must search himself.They learn which area he’s living in and that his name is Krzystof. Delphina maps out a plan for the boys so they can sneak out and find him while she covers for them at home.

They leave at two a.m. and wander through the forest until they reach a small town. They observe a brawl between two men and then are chased by some dogs into a cemetery.Waldek and Staszek spend the night sleeping there and wake up early next morning to continue their journey.Delphina does her best to make up an excuse at home but Piotrek is the first one to figure out that she is lying.

The boys continue walking along the mountain and walk past a nature enthusiast with a video camera.He is startled by a bear that follows the boys into the woods. After crossing a river, the bear catches up to them and they make a beeline for a tree.Staszek can climb high but Waldek cannot and is in reaching distance of the bear. The branch snaps under his weight and this startles the bear away.Piotrek tells Mariola that the boys went out in search of Waldek’s dad. They plan to go after them while Delphina keeps Teresa distracted at home.

The girls decide to have a spa day and Teresa falls asleep in no time. The boys discuss what Waldek will ask his father and they come across a highlander’s cottage.He invites them in for some sheep’s cheese and his eccentric nature doesn’t appeal to Waldek.He confronts him about abandoning his family but the highlander says that he never had a family.He mentions someone else who escaped civilization and is living by himself on the mountain so they ask him to take them there.Mariola is very tough with Piotrek but he succeeds in winning her over by showing how much he loves Teresa.The boys and the highlander arrive at a fancy house with security cameras and automated doors.

They are let in and welcomed by Krzystof, Waldek’s father. He tells them that he’s a video game designer who is currently working on a new project.

Krzystof is rude to Staszek and the highlander but Waldek is fooled by his kind act and wants to stick around.Staszek and the highlander head back and run into Mariola and Piotrek. Teresa wakes up and looks for everyone but Delphina gives her a good excuse to sit down and relax.While watching television, she sees an interview with the nature enthusiast, and his footage is played with Staszek and Waldek featured on it.She is mad at being lied to and rushes to get them. After encountering car troubles, she steals a carriage and rides with Delphina to find her son.

Too Old for Fairy Tales 2 2024 Movie Review