April 21, 2024

Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me 2023 Movie Review

Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me
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Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me 2023 Movie Review

A journalist whose marriage has lost its spark must choose between her distant but loving husband and a younger ex-boyfriend who reappears in her life. Roma Gąsiorowska ( Their Lucky Stars ) and Maciej Musiał ( 1899 ) star in Tonight You Sleep With Me , a romantic drama directed by Robert Wichrowski and whose cast is completed by Wojciech Zieliński, Ewa Wencel, Jacek Koman, Magdalena Groszek, Jadwiga Żurawska, Małgorzata Mikołajczak, Karolina Porcari, Marta Król, Wiktoria Krążek and Filip Lipiecki. The film opens on Netflix on March 1, 2023.

Romantic dramas rarely surprise us with their originality on Netflix , and You Sleep With Me Tonight is one of those “guilty pleasure” movies that might as well put that category on Netflix for everyone who wants to watch a movie without needing to pay as much attention as possible, whose plot is almost the entire development of the film and no twists or surprises await us throughout its entire length, because from the beginning we know what is going to happen, even if we end up seeing it, it is what we need at that moment fair of the day

In this new Netflix movie we meet Nina ( Roma Gąsiorowska ), who seems to have everything she needs in her life, with a husband ( Wojciech Zielinski ) who loves her, with whom she has an adorable daughter ( Magdalena Groszek ), and professionally not you may have complaints when doing what you want as a journalist. But not everything is going to be pretty, and she finds temptations on her way, like Janek ( Maciej Musiał), a young man who reappears in her life, with whom she shared good moments and whose chemistry has not disappeared. Both seem interested in rekindling her old relationship, even though for her her life is not the same as before. Clearly, the temptation is strong and she is not at her best moment with her husband, which causes her to fall into a double relationship…

The genre of extramarital affairs is almost more open than that of romantic dramas, since it allows the film to alternate between more genres, such as mystery when this romance is kept secret, or erotic when they want the film in question to rise the temperature of our televisions. Curiously, far from going towards one of these two genres, Tonight you sleep with me seems to focus on Nina’s romance outside of her marriage but as a new relationship, allowing us to get to know both characters better, although she is the true protagonist, being the one who must bear the guilt of committing adultery.

Far from revealing spoilers, the film quickly shows all its cards and makes it clear that the plot will revolve around Nina’s new love, showing the reasons why she is not comfortable with her husband and how easy it is to enjoy her young lover. completely different from her husband, taking an interest in her at all times and accepting her new marital status, which makes her soon feel loved by someone younger, which raises her self-esteem much more. The chemistry of the leading couple is clear, and the development of their relationship is shown with fluidity and detail, probably thanks to the original text on which it is based, behind the film the novel by Anna Szczypczynska .

Despite the development of Nina’s adulterous relationship, unfortunately the film has little to contribute, because once we know what she is doing, she has nothing more to tell, just continue watching her day to day without generating excessive interest in the future of neither the events nor the characters, without provoking too much sympathy for any of them, which means that we are not moved by their decisions, neither right nor wrong. The script fits perfectly with the staging, and it is both narratively and visually it is an authentic film for television, in which at least its cast stands out for what a “TV movie” is.

Tonight you sleep with me is an dispensable romantic drama, one of the many that appear on Netflix, which only serves as filler for free time that leaves someone wanting not to think and consume one of those guilty pleasures that do not contribute anything but distract . The most surprising thing is that, once you get carried away by their story, you want to know how their lives will continue, which is no small thing, and that is the real surprise of the film.

Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me 2023 Movie Review