May 29, 2024

Today We’ll Talk About That Day 2023 Movie Review

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Today We’ll Talk About That Day 2023 Movie Review

Everyone has asked his or her parents: how did you actually get to know each other? That’s the question Today We’ll Talk About That Day dives into and one that arouses curiosity after the first part: One Day We’ll Talk About That Day. There the grumpy and strict father Narendra could be seen, who could always count on the support of his wife Ajeng. How the two became so close is explained in this romantic drama that also takes a closer look at son Angkasa’s marital troubles.

Today We’ll Talk About That Day contains two main lines. Things are going very badly between Angkasa and his wife. He doesn’t even sleep in the same house anymore. Unsuspectingly, Angkasa’s father, Narendra, comes to see his son. He then tries to help him, but due to the bumpy relationship between the two, this does not always go smoothly. At the same time, more is revealed about the meeting and coming together of Narendra and Ajeng.

Both storylines have enough emotional moments that unfortunately are not all equally powerful. There are certain elements that are melodramatic and more appropriate in an afternoon soap opera. This somewhat detracts from the realistic and layered portrayal of the relationships between the family members. Still, the somewhat slower scenes between those moments manage to give the necessary depth, so that a sincere tear can be shed every now and then.

On the other hand, it is disappointing that the other children from the first part, Aurora and Awan, do not appear in the film at all. Given the strong bond between the children, it would have been appropriate to know how they are doing as well. Where Angkasa was a layered character with a lot of depth in One Day We’ll Talk About That Day, he is very monotonous here and the problems he struggles with in the marriage are hardly explored.

The relationship between Angkasa and Narendra gets a bit more depth, but other than that, this storyline has little to offer. Fortunately, that applies to the storyline between Narendra and Ajeng from the past. It brings a lot of understanding to the character of Narendra and is therefore a true addition to the first part. It also has many hopeful moments, although it is a bit bland at times and the wheel is certainly not reinvented.

Today We’ll Talk About That Dayis otherwise not very memorable, but inherently does not do anything really wrong. It’s like an AVG-tje on a Wednesday evening: nothing wrong with that, but just a bit boring. In addition, the younger versions of Narenda and Ajeng do not resemble the contemporary variations at all. This can be overlooked, but still remains distracting.

With a title like this, curiosity is aroused for that one fateful day. This one isn’t really there, though, so some expectation management is a welcome tip. At the end of the line, there just could have been more to this sequel, especially given the quality of One Day We’ll Talk About Today . The movie has its moments, but tomorrow we won’t talk about them anymore.

Today We’ll Talk About That Day 2023 Movie Review