May 26, 2024

The Woman in the Wall 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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The Woman in the Wall 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

    To begin with, both Ruth Wilson and Daryl McCormack deserve an award for absolutely outstanding performances in this.

    For anyone not aware of the background, the story – although fictional – is rooted in truth. A quick online search for topics such as Irish Mother & Baby homes, Magdalene Laundries or the Tuam babies mass grave scandal will give an insight into the corruption, illegality and abuses committed by the Catholic church in Ireland spanning decades. Not that this experience is unique to Ireland, they have also carried out similar activities in Spain, France, Canada, and elsewhere around the globe. All in the name of being “good Catholics” helping people (sic).

    So, as you might have gathered, the plot is not for the faint-hearted. If you are expecting an easy watch or some light entertainment, this is not it. What it is, however, is a unique look into the long-term human effects of such abuses. The story is hard-hitting and is not afraid to speak the truth. The series, created by Joe Murtagh and directed by Harry Wootliff and Rachna Suri, offers a rare glimpse into the suffering and widespread destruction of lives resulting from the actions of the Catholic church.

    At times, the plot can seem a little slow-paced, however, this is in keeping with the subject matter and it does pick up in pace in the final episodes. Cinematography is very well carried out and the locations are in keeping with the story and the times. The music, created by David Holmes and Brian Irvine, fits perfectly and is at times haunting.

    The series was filmed in Northern Ireland and originally aired on BBC (UK state TV). It will be interesting to see if it will be picked up by RTE (the Irish state TV) or if, even in this age of streaming, they would prefer to sweep it under the carpet and pretend it doesn’t exist.

    This is a breath of fresh air for both UK and Irish television and I would say it is recommended viewing. A truly unique series. Well done to everyone involved.

    The Woman in the Wall 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online