May 20, 2024

The Spiderwick Chronicles Review 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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The Spiderwick Chronicles Review 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

This series does not compare to the 2008 film. If you are expecting a fantasy show filled with faeries and creatures, you’ll be disappointed. The creatures we do see spend majority of their time in human form or invisible. It feels more like a teen drama than any sort of fantasy adventure. I can count on one hand how many creatures we saw, and all were fleeting.

This series introduces two boys, Jared (Lyon Daniels) and his brother Simon (Noah Cottrell), who are opposites of each other. Jared is rebellious and gets into trouble, while Simon does what he is told. The premise is the Grace family moves to Michigan to take Jared to the same doctor who is treating their aunt, worried that Jared might be going down the same path as “crazy Aunt Lucinda” (even though there has been apparently no progress for her in the last 40 years). Unfortunately for them, Mulgarath, played by Christian Slater, assumes the doctor’s identity. Together with his sidekick Calliope (Alyvia Alyn Lind), seek to bring death to the entire town of Henson, MI and beyond.

Christian Slater really carries this entire series on his back. His performance was great and reminded me a bit of Mr. Robot. The other characters feel awkward and unnatural at times, or downright inconsistent. The fantasy elements also seem inconsistent or changing to fit the narrative. For example, Calliope can shape shift.. but sometimes she knows who and sometimes she doesn’t. Sometimes it’s a perfect copy and other times it’s not. This doesn’t make sense with the lore given to the character.

Throughout the series, the entire cast attempts to convince Jared he is crazy and creatures are not real. This is despite each of them witnessing creatures themselves multiple times. It also feels there are no consequences for any of their actions. They either forget in the next scene or push it under the rug and not mention it again. Except for in flashbacks, which felt unnecessary and disjointed. The whole series probably could have been avoided if the Grace family actually listened to each other instead of always being terrible. I know some of this are aspects of their characters, but this dialed it up to 11. Sometimes the characters want to help Jared defeat Mulgarath, other times they don’t believe anything Jared says. This back and forth was frustrating for the viewer because none of the characters had any consistency.

The anticlimactic ending to this series sums up how I felt during each episode, always anticipating something exciting to happen only to be met with more monotony.

There is also the issue of the not-so-subtle propaganda and messages throughout the series. The great Mulgarath wants to destroy the town because of… single use plastics? The “return to nature” fallacy seemed flimsy at best and broke the immersion whenever they started talking of their environmental goals.

Ultimately I feel this series missed its mark. Spiderwick is great because of all the fantasy and creatures and lore within the Spiderwick field guide. In this series we get a couple of pages and use them for comedic moments. This didn’t even scratch the surface of the Spiderwick universe and felt more like family drama. Hopefully any future seasons will pivot to focus much more heavily on the fantasy aspect.

The Spiderwick Chronicles Review 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online