June 23, 2024

The Reaper Man 2023 Movie Review

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The Reaper Man 2023 Movie Review

Great movie. The plot was fantastic and the actors were very talented.

The film opens with a loving couple attempting to purchase a house and after receiving the difficult news that they would be unable to purchase, the couple returns to their home, disappointed, where they walk in on a home invasion by 4 masked men.

Sadly, this results in the husband’s murder. After burying her husband, the grieving widow seeks help from a voodoo priestess.

Unbeknownst to her, the spell cast brought back her husband in the form of a spectre. From there, the husband proceeds to avenge his death and his wife’s suffering by eliminating those involved with his murder.

The film it’s self as well as it’s concept is not an inherently new idea nor is it entirely unique. There are obvious comparable stories and plot lines such as Candyman, Nightmare On Elm Street, and I would even go as far to mention any and every classic revenge horror film ever made, that follows this exact format.

This film, unlike a lot of others, leaves the viewer satisfied seeing as all loose ends were tied and all questions answered. However, there is certainly more to be said for the character of the wife and how she was unable to fully heal from the tragedy which leaves room for an anticipated sequel.

My favourite part of the story was the sincerity and the romance between the husband and wife. Their love was very beautiful to see prior to and after the murder. It made the story significantly better. It made her loss real and forced the audience to be sympathetic and understanding of her grieving process. This is a huge credit to the actors for providing a believable performance that not even some A-list actors can portray.

I think the film was very well balanced in terms of horror, story, and comedy. Not too much gore without context. The story was superb. And it was comedic when necessary and appropriate, and without losing the tone or providing tonal dissonance which is a common fail in stories about grief and loss.

The Reaper Man 2023 Movie Review