July 23, 2024

The Nurse Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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The Nurse Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Pernille is a new nurse at Nykøbing Falster hospital, and is joined by veteran Christina. The two get along very well right away, but Pernille soon realizes that there is something strange about her colleague…

That of the angels of death is a subject that in recent years has been at the center of several successful crime products, an example among all The Good Nurse with Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne. Also on Netflix comes another true story, this time inspired by a case that shocked Denmark in 2015: Christina Aistrup Hansen was accused of the murder of several patients at the hospital where she worked as a nurse, Nykøbing Falster; she was first the protagonist of a book written by Kristian Corfixen and then of the miniseries produced this year by the streaming giant.

As we will see in this review of The Nurse, the miniseries puts both Christina and her colleague at the center of the story, who discovered her terrible misdeeds and came to denounce her, recounts the environment in which the two worked (in which the woman’s crimes did not surface for a long time, even for silence between doctors and nurses) and the difficulties experienced day by day by those who work in the hospital. The narrative is divided between 2012, the year in which the woman carried out the murder of a patient, Arne, and 2015, in which she is discovered after countless other crimes and then arrested: it is a story in its own way particularly interesting and engaging, even if perhaps the miniseries structure is not entirely congenial to him. At certain points the plot seems to drag and the rhythm becomes less fitting,

The series proceeds on two different timescales, 2012 and 2015 (to which much more space is given): on the one hand we follow the murder of Arne and his brother’s attempts to find justice, and on the other the arrival Nykøbing Falster by Pernille Kurzmann Larsen (Fanny Louise Bernth), a new nurse who is joined by Christina (Josephine Park) in her first days on the job. The two initially show a great affinity and get on very well together: Christina is expert and capable, and she helps Pernille to extricate himself from the many difficulties of the emergency room.

Over time, however, the newcomer will realize that there is something strange about Christina: the nurse lies even on the most trivial matters in order to be the center of attention and seems to want her shifts to be as busy as possible , in order to receive compliments for having saved patients from critical situations. From here to realizing that perhaps she herself is putting people’s lives in danger for Pernille, the step will be extremely short, and the nurse will have to try to prove that her terrible suspicions are founded, thus putting her job and career at risk. .

As we anticipated at the beginning, The Nurse is a rather intriguing and well-developed series, the only problem is that in certain moments the pace falters and for this reason the miniseries structure did not seem the most suitable for telling a story like this . Everything could have been condensed into the duration of a feature film and in any case there would have been the right time to deepen the story and involve the viewer.

Even Christina’s motivations would have deserved a different development: the screenplay reserves a particular space for the character of Pernille, necessary to give due weight to the difficulties and choices she is forced to make, but ends up neglecting Christina a bit. We are made to understand that she could suffer from Münchhausen syndrome by proxy, in fact she often takes her daughter to the hospital and invents non-existent ailments for her, but we are not told much more about this, leaving us with the curiosity to better understand her character .

Both Josephine Park and Fanny Louise Bernth hold the narrative well on their shoulders, both work particularly well in the roles: the first gives life to an ambiguous, strong and in her own way fascinating character, the second to an extremely motivated woman – despite her fragility – to obtain justice. The rest of the cast remains in the background, but this choice does not weigh on the viewer, who is in any case more interested in the dynamics that arise between the two protagonists.

The nurse is a successful mini-series that tells a truly shocking case, and is a good addition to Netflix’s well-stocked crime catalog.

The Nurse Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online