May 20, 2024

The Heartbreak Agency 2024 Movie Review

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The Heartbreak Agency 2024 Movie Review

You don’t usually expect original approaches in romcoms. And that’s a good thing, because “The Lovesick” doesn’t have any either. The film starts off quite lively, but then it gets lost in the monotony of a romcom.

The journalist Karl is left by his girlfriend after she was with the lovesicks. This is an agency that helps people cope with heartbreak, but also offers advice and support within relationships. Carl writes a sexist article about the agency and is subsequently fired.

He will only get his job back if he writes a sensitive article on the subject of heartbreak – and takes part in a course. Then he falls in love with his therapist…

At the beginning the film is quite lively. This is also due to Karl and his view of the world, which still comes from the 90s. The film is also a bit biting when Karl cleverly mocks gender by changing whiners to whiners. Even in its first group session, the film appears to be a bit crisper. But then the story becomes increasingly flat.

Because by the halfway point at the latest, everything is proceeding in expected patterns and the hint of originality that was there before completely disappears. Laurence Rupp as Karl is the best thing about the film, but the transformation of his character also seems counterproductive in terms of humor.

Ultimately, “The Lovers” is just another run-of-the-mill romcom that plays its program without making any great demands on itself or the audience.

Seen a thousand times. The thousand and first time the whole thing doesn’t get any livelier. The film had the potential to break out of the usual mold a bit.

The Heartbreak Agency 2024 Movie Review