April 23, 2024

The Crime Is Mine 2023 Movie Review

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The Crime Is Mine 2023 Movie Review

Madeleine Verdier is a struggling actress in 1930s Paris. She is accused of murdering a famous producer and is acquitted with the help of her best friend, a young lawyer. Her newfound fame and success become too much for her to handle, and she eventually spirals out of control.

Set in Paris during a time of great social and political upheaval, The Crime is Mine depicts the city’s glamorous nightclubs and seedy underworld with great accuracy. Director Fran├žois Ozon captures the atmosphere of the time, reflecting the impact of the First World War and the rise of fascism in Europe.

This stylish and witty comedy-drama explores themes of ambition and the dangers of getting what you want. The film’s tone is light and humorous for the most part, but it takes a darker turn in the second half as Madeleine’s downfall begins.

Nadia Tereszkiewicz delivers an excellent performance as Madeleine, the ambitious and reckless actress, supported by a strong cast, including Isabelle Huppert as Madeleine’s best friend and Fabrice Luchini as the charming and manipulative lawyer who defends her in court.

Fran├žois Ozon is a master of stylish period drama, and he directs The Crime is Mine with a sure hand, creating a visually stunning and emotionally resonant film. The film’s score by Philippe Rombi is a perfect match for the visuals and tone, reflecting Madeleine’s own dual nature. The cinematography by Manuel Dacosse is also sumptuous and evocative, capturing the beauty and glamour of Paris in the 1930s, as well as the city’s darker side.

The film is full of symbolism, such as the recurring image of the red dress that Madeleine wears, representing her ambition and desire to be seen. The production design is impeccable, recreating the world of 1930s Paris in meticulous detail.

The Crime is Mine maintains a brisk pace, with witty and sharp dialogue that is perfectly suited to the characters and the setting. Ozon keeps the audience guessing until the very end, making it a fun and entertaining film with a lot to say about the dangers of ambition and the importance of staying true to oneself.

One minor criticism of the film is that it feels a bit overlong at times, with a few scenes that could have been cut without affecting the story. The ending also feels a bit too neat and tidy for my taste.

I would recommend The Crime is Mine to fans of stylish period dramas and witty comedies. It is a fun and entertaining film that delivers a powerful message about the dangers of ambition.

The Crime Is Mine 2023 Movie Review