June 23, 2024

The Casagrandes Movie 2024 Movie Review

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The Casagrandes Movie 2024 Movie Review

While the Loud family of Royal Woods traveled their way up to Scotland in Europe, the familia of Great Lakes City takes a trip down south of the border in The Casagrandes Movie!

It’s summer vacation and Ronnie Anne finally turns 12 on her birthday! She and her bestie Sid are about to spend a day at a new Xtreme skate park! But her family back home has a much bigger surprise. They’re going to take a long drive down to Japunda, Mexico to visit Mama Lupe’s hometown while also taking part of the New Fire Festival celebration. They also learn about Michoacán culture and an ancient legend about a preteen demigod (who also turned the same age as Ronnie’s). Ronnie Anne would later befriend the demigoddess, and the chaos would start to ensue.

I have to say that the animation here (despite being the same as The Loud House Movie) has more details with depth, lighting, shadows and color. The character personalities of Ronnie Anne and her Casagrande/Santiago family are still their same loving selves. The fictional Mexican town of Japunda with its landscapes, pyramids, temples and other magical passages look really nice. The humor has some hits and misses, the action scenes with some 2D animation are exciting, and there are a couple of Easter eggs put in as well.

Now the main focus of this feature is the relationship between Ronnie Anne and her mother, Maria. Maria wants to spend more time with the family on this big vacation so she could be closer to her young daughter. But Ronnie Anne, who just turned 12, wishes to be more free and independent while not being smothered by her mom a lot. The two would have a bitter connection throughout the whole trip, but then Maria learns that she was also a 12 year old girl in the past who yearned to be more on her own, which she got that from her mom, Abuela Rosa cause it’s a family generation of chancla warriors.

The important moral in my own words is just because the daughter is growing up doesn’t mean that the parent has to still treat her like a baby. Let her be on her own. She will slowly start to learn more about trust and responsibility as time would go on. She wants to be an independent woman, but still loves her parents too. And no matter if the daughter is young or growing older, she is still a loving little girl in the parents’ eyes.

If you’re a Loud House/Casagrandes fan who also loves an exciting adventure, then this movie is just for you! I congratulate Miguel Puga and the CasaLoud team for putting all their passion and effort into this big final hurrah. The series may be a short-lived spinoff, but the Casagrandes will continue their ongoing guest roles in The Loud House!

The Casagrandes Movie 2024 Movie Review