May 20, 2024

The Beekeeper 2024 Movie Review

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The Beekeeper 2024 Movie Review

“The Beekeeper” is part of a bigger picture. That is, “The Beekeeper” is a 27-minute first installment in what writer/director Sean J.S. Jourdan (“An Open Door”) intends to be a full-length feature project.

Right now, “The Beekeeper” is serving as Jourdan’s MFA Thesis film as he finishes up his degree in Film and Video. Already an award-winning writer/director and a Top 5 Finalist in the MTVu Best Filmmaker on Campus competition, “The Beekeeper” offers further proof that Jourdan is a filmmaker to watch in the future.

“The Beekeeper” is the story of Robin (Michelle Mueller, “The Break Up”), a young woman who is having an affair with her boyfriend’s father, Phil (Michael Joseph Thomas Ward, “Blue Car”) when she winds up pregnant. When Phil rejects her, Robin turns back to her boyfriend, William (Joseph Bicicchi, “The Express”) setting in motion the actions of Phil’s wife (Oksana Fedunszyn, “The Fugitive), who discovers the truth.

On a farm in western Massachusetts, retired beekeeper Adam Clay ( Jason Statham ) eliminates a nest of hornets that threaten his colonies. Just as he protects his bees, he also cares about Eloise Parker (Phylicia Rashad), a retired teacher on whose land he runs his beekeeping business. He has a very friendly relationship with the widow, she is the only one who has ever taken care of Adam, and she is grateful to him for breathing life back into her garden, which was full of weeds.

Eloise has worked hard all her life and has been able to put aside a nice amount of money, but when she goes to check her account online, a message appears saying that her hard drive is infected with viruses. In good faith and without a clue, she calls the hotline provided and is badly ripped off by the operator on the other side. When she realizes that she has become the victim of a fraud and has lost all her savings, she shoots herself out of shame.

Adam decides to avenge her death and visits the crooks’ call center, which he disrupts and then burns down the place. A setback for Wallace Westwyld ( Jeremy Irons ), head of security and ex-CIA boss, who learns from his successor Janet Harward ( Minnie Driver ) that Adam is an elite soldier in an unofficial special project as “Beekeeper”. And Derek Danforth ( Josh Hutcherson ), the main villain at the scammers’ headquarters, is not at all happy that Clay is determined to end his gang as a one-man army‚Ķ

The Beekeeper 2024 Movie Review