July 24, 2024

Thank You, I’m Sorry 2023 Movie Review

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Thank You, I’m Sorry 2023 Movie Review

Sara’s ( Sanna Sundqvist ) world collapses when her husband Daniel suddenly dies one night. Apparently he was suffering from a heart defect that no one had noticed. And what’s next? Not only does she have to look after their son Elliot ( Amaël Blomgren Alcaide ) alone. She is also heavily pregnant with her second child and the birth will not be long in coming. The family rushes over to support her. But that brings with it a whole new set of problems. The relationship with her mother-in-law Helen ( Ia Langhammer ) is difficult. Above all, her estranged older sister Linda ( Charlotta Björck ) causes a lot of unrest and forces the two of them to deal with their complicated family history…

At the end of the year, Netflix likes to release a series of big titles that are intended to attract the masses, such as the science fiction adventure Rebel Moon – Part 1: Child of Fire . Hidden behind these large-scale productions, however, there are always smaller works that threaten to get lost in the hustle and bustle, even though they certainly have their qualities. In fact, two worth seeing dramas were released this month that deal with complicated family relationships and deserve to be seen by a larger audience. It started with the Mexican film Familia , where a shared meal becomes an opportunity to bring old points of contention back to the table. Now follows another insider tip with the Swedish thank you, I’m sorry .

This time it is a death that leads to a reunion. The occasion is tried and tested; numerous films use such a scenario to initiate a process of coming to terms with it. What is unusual is that the main character in such stories usually returns home, whereas here she is more likely to be haunted by her past – in the form of her sister. Thanks, I’m sorry this keeps switching between two main topics. On the one hand, the film examines how the relatives deal with Daniel’s death, from his wife to his son to his in-laws. On the other we find out more about the sisters and their backstory, because there is a lot going on there.

Another difference between the Netflix production and thematically similar films is the humor. Whether one necessarily has to go so far as to call the whole thing a tragicomedy is debatable. The serious topics clearly predominate, be it grief or broken families. But every now and then there are quite strange scenes that don’t live up to the expectations that one might have of a film like this. Thank you, I’m sorry, there tends to be major fluctuations in terms of tonality and content. This is particularly evident in the scenes between the sisters or when Sara is with her mother-in-law, who has advice on everything, even when no one wants it.

This is also pleasing thanks to the strong acting performances. Sanna Sundqvist and Charlotta Björck, who hardly anyone in this country probably knows, are real discoveries. There’s everything from the force of nature to a lot of misery as the sisters sometimes get closer and then push them away again. The whole thing may not be as true to life as This is how we are, this is life , another current insider tip that deals with complex family relationships. But it’s worth seeing what Thank You, I’m Sorry has to say on the subject. It would be a shame if the film didn’t get any attention in the hustle and bustle at the end of the year, as it is one of the better new additions to the confusing Netflix catalog.

Thank You, I’m Sorry is about a woman who reunites with her estranged sister after her husband’s sudden death. The film alternates between grieving and coming to terms with a complicated family history. It may not always be true to life due to the strange scenes, but overall it’s worth seeing and well acted.

Thank You, I’m Sorry 2023 Movie Review