May 20, 2024

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour 2023 Movie Review

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Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour 2023 Movie Review

What did you think about the Taylor Swift documentary that was recently released? The movie, called Taylor Swift| The Eras Tour was recently released and I really enjoyed this film. I thought that it was a very entertaining and inspiring story about how a young girl’s dream came true. The movie follows the important moments of Taylor Swift’s life before fame, her rise to fame, and her life now. The Eras Tour movie lets views see who Swift is as a person and how she became famous. This movie dives deep into her personal life and her life as a musician and artist.

One of the aspects of the movie I like is how they put older clips of her singing, before she was as famous, then as she is now because it shows how her voice and sounds evolves from then to how it is now. I’m glad they included her beginning music career as a country music artist because.

I also appreciated how the movie goes into detail about her personal life, this it helps us to understand why she is who she is and her personality. The Eras Tour movie shows views how she development as an artist and as a person (which I think is really important because she does have a personality apart from her music). Swift’s development as an artist was a really inspiring story to many young girls with dreams, because of this, they believe the unachievable can now be reachable. The documentary gives little girls someone to look up to. When there are so many celebrities who are not role models, Taylor Swift is the exception. hey put the important events in chronological order and even included the age she was when these milestones took place, which I personally thought was really helpful to understand her life and her story. The movie also included her setbacks which helped viewers understand that, even though she’s had a great life, that she was never perfect and she is human just like anyone else.

I really liked this documentary and enjoyed it a lot but there were definitely things I didn’t like or that I wish they wouldn’t have put in. I personally really wished that they would have included more of her recent concert scenes. Since I couldn’t attend any of the Eras Tour shows, and I know many others couldn’t either, I wish they would’ve put some new scenes in the documentary so others could experience it. I also think they could’ve incorporated more of her experience as a country music star because I feel that was a very crucial part of her success story and where she got her start.

I was very much entertained by this film that talked about Taylor Swift’s story and how her dreams from when she was younger came true. The producers did an excellent job at telling Taylor Swift’s story and expressing who she really was as a person. This film really spoke to little girls in specific because it gave them hope that they could be successful just as she was. The Eras Tour documentary is one that inspired people everywhere to never give up on your dreams and always pursue what you want to do to the fullest extent.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour 2023 Movie Review