April 21, 2024

Tahir’s House Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Tahir’s House Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Youssef Jumaa Tahir tries to keep the news of him losing his job from his wife, Aida. He won’t go home until he finds a steady source of income.

Youssef is forced to go back to his father’s fish shop, which he hates to run. Furthermore, the fish shop is already in debt, and his father, Jumaa, now wants him and his sister, Aziza, who has plans to go abroad for further studies, to take care of the shop.

Youssef learns about a drug called Habsa from his childhood friend Karim’s fashion designer buddy, Leen, who has a connection in Traditional Medicine Agency, a firm that is going to officially list this illegal drug soon.

Youssef plans to turn his fish shop into a medicine shop, receive a permit from Leen’s connection, and sell Habsa to save the family’s shop, make money, and get back together with his wife. Problems pile up one after the other, and soon all the Tahirs get involved in making this business successful.

Alhashmi Alfaisal, as Youssef, brilliantly carries the show on his shoulders as the story primarily revolves around his character’s struggles. He is definitely a capable lead actor.

Joud Alsufyani, as Aziza, is able to highlight why Aziza is the brain of the Tahir family. Certainly, she establishes the character as an important part of the family.

Mohammed Bakahsh, as Jumaa, embodies the behavior of a father who doesn’t believe in his children and makes fun of them but loves them a lot.

Compared to his performance, Naimah Ahmed, as Grandma Lutfia, doesn’t give that much of a memorable performance, even though it is implied her character is of much importance.

Tahir’s House puts together an interesting set of characters to create a chaotic family that promises laughter. Each one of the characters is different and brings a problem of their own that pushes the existing conflict of the show, making matters worse for the characters but fun for the viewers.

The show’s emotional aspect involving the family shines over the adventure they are going on. A viewer will care more about how the Tahirs are going to mend their differences and work together.

Almost all of the jokes in the show don’t land. For the most part, the series runs like a drama that a viewer will watch with a long face. While the show gets its emotional aspect right, the thrill of starting an illegal business is missing. In no way is the series able to appeal to viewers and make them curious about what Habsa is, the process of growing it, and the risks involved.

Many of the twists in the series don’t account for life-changing moments for the characters or have shock value. To top that, they feel forced and added just to extend the show’s runtime. Tahir’s House brings dedicated performances and captures the magic of the Tahir family, but the plot doesn’t offer any laughs, thrills, or excitement. Hence, overall, it’s a bland watch.

Tahir’s House Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online