April 22, 2024

Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar 2023 Movie Review

Space Wars Quest for the Deepstar
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Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar 2023 Movie Review

Director Garo Setian brings us the galactic “Space Wars: Quest For The Deepstar”. It’s a fun fast paced adventure through space featuring an all star cast having fun with their roles. Leading the cast is Michael Pare and joined by Sarah French, Anahit Setian, Tyler Gallant, Olivier Gruner, Rachele Brooke Smith, Sadie Katz, Jed Rowen and Elise Muller.

The movie introduces us to Kip in a fun opening with villains and monsters. Kip is being tried for crimes and threatened certain death. He is rescued by his daughter in the Nick of time. We know the fun is about to take off. His daughter Taylor smiles and says “Get ready for a good ole fashion adventure”. That involves finding a very beneficial treasure that will make them a lot of money. They remind me of a sort of Chewie and Han from Star Wars playing bad ass scavengers.

We also have a side story about Kips deceased wife. He carries her around in liquid form in what is called Essence.

Villainous Elanora (Sadie Katz) is also hot on their trail trying to retrieve a coin Kip accidentally stole. He didn’t know it was Elanora dead sister. She will stop at nothing to get it back. We find out Elnora used to be Kip’s former hire. There meetings turn to be crazy all out battles and she is determined to stop and destory Kip at any cost. Kip tries and tries to try to make things rite but Elnora is not going to have it and doesn’t stop.

Things complicate even more when a stowaway is found on Kip and Taylor ship. Turns out her name is Jackie (Anahit Setian). Jackie is a scientist who has the location of a ship called Deepstar. Deepstar has the ability to bring essence back to life. That has Kip and Taylor interested. But Dykstra (Olivier Gruner) is a ruthless mercenary determined to find out the location of the Deepstar and is seeking out Jackie. Dykstra crew consists of Nina (Rachele Brooke)Smith and Wade (Tyler Gallant). Two very colorful fun characters.

But now that Kip & Taylor are part of this race we have big problems. All this sets up a really fun galactic adventure that we haven’t seen for a long time. A movie that is a simple set up but beautifully acting and directed.

What starts off at just a bunch of scavengers trying to get some money any way they can. Then turns into a pretty heartwarming story of a father and daughter racing to possibly bring their wife/mother to life. It certainly is not what I expected but actually enjoyed.

Sarah French and Michael Pare are casted perfectly as Father and Daughter. They have great chemistry and look forward to every scene with them.

Anahit Setian as Jackie the scientist was hilarious, I loved her. What a great performance and really was a part she put everything into it to make it work.

Sadie Katz and Michael Pare constant conflicts were a lil over the top but I looked forward to the craziness they are put through every time they meet.

Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar is a fun script excellently directed by Garon Setain. Casting was perfect and everyone did a great job. For a low budget sci fi movie it was well done and worth looking at more than once to enjoy everything.

Summer came early and this popcorn fun movie is perfect for those care free enjoyable nights ahead of us.

Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar 2023 Movie Review