May 20, 2024

Selling the OC Season 3 Review 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Selling the OC Season 3 Review 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

This is the third season of Selling The O.C., the show about the real estate agents working in the Orange County branch of The Oppenheim Group, owned by brothers Brett and Jason Oppenheim. You know this, you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t already familiar. Last season, in between real estate listings drama, the main storyline was about the simmering sexual tension between Alex Hall and he colleague Tyler Stanaland, which culminated in Tyler revealing his romantic feelings toward Hall and kissing her. This season, even though we’ve picked up pretty shortly after that, things between Hall and Tyler are tense. That beautiful friendship they shared is awkward and weird, partly because right after they kissed, Tyler went on a surfin’ safari around the world and left Hall to wonder about the state of their relationship. (Meanwhile, he thinks she’s the one eluding him. Communication is key, people!)

So while Hall and Tyler’s THING this season is figuring out where their relationship is going, the rest of the agents have their own THINGS going on. Brandi’s THING is that she’s hoping to use her husband Sean’s contacts in the sports world to court professional athletes and become the realtor to the elite sports world. Alexandra Jarvis’s THING is that she just eloped in Italy. Alexandra Rose’s THING is that I don’t think she has a THING. Kayla’s THING is that she has picked up her first truly huge ($28.5 million) listing, a life-changing sale, assuming she actually succeeds. Gio’s THING is that he’s going to undermine Kayla and, if possible, snag that listing away from her even if it makes him look like an entitled douchebag. (Ahem, more of an entitled douchebag.)

And, as always, the Oppenheims’ THING is to let their office remain the three-ring circus where all of these antics play out.

If you were to watch Selling The O.C. without reading any gossip around it, I’m sure it would still be entertaining. But, as with most great reality shows, your Pump Rules and whatnot, what happens in real time compounds our interest in the show. We currently know that Alex Hall and Tyler are on the outs (he blocked her on Insta!) and that he quit his job at the Oppenheim Group some time after season two. Knowing that and anticipating how these moments might play out later on in the season definitely add to the addictive quality and only further cement the fact that the real estate is secondary to the realtors.

The show’s supporting cast oscillates between rarely likeable (Gio), occasionally tolerable (Polly), barely there (Austin), and unnecessarily obnoxious (the O Group’s bell), but somehow, it remains compelling (in a way that usually makes me ask “Why do I find this so compelling???”) The answer is, very likely, that these are very pretty people with self-awareness, charm, and senses of humor; they’re already successful salespeople in the world of real estate, and that savvy has come in handy when it comes to selling their brand of drama, too. With Hall and Tyler’s relationship forming the crux of the show though, the real question seems to be what the eventual fate of the show will be if he’s gone for good… Will Selling The O.C.’s listing expire? Will the newly-created San Diego branch take it over? I guess it depends on the market.

Selling the OC Season 3 Review 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online