May 29, 2024

Secret Invasion Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Secret Invasion Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

The Secret Invasion is so secret that everybody know all about it within minutes of Ep1 beginning. Where’s the fun in that?

Fun?! You’re in the wrong place for fun, chum. This is serious stuff: grim and gritty, dark and violent, loud and apocalyptic.

While the titular invasion is all too quickly out of the bag, there’s a lot of other secret stuff to try to understand. Pay attention, though, because characters aren’t so much introduced as thrust at the screen in a torrent of names. Who are they? Who knows! They could be members of the world’s intelligence agencies … or they could be shapeshifting invaders in disguise.

In the Marvel Universe where there are infinite realities, time travel and more superpowered heroes than you can shake a cape at, now we also have to contend with anybody potentially being a baddie pretending to be a goodie. Or they could be a double agent. Or a rogue agent. Confusing and twisted? Gordian Knots ain’t in it!

The result is that the viewer can’t trust anyone, anything, or anywhere to be what it appears to be. There is no firm place on which to stand to see the story unfold, and consequently it is hard work. Should we take notes, or fill in a spreadsheet? All this would be fair enough if it was also entertaining, but the characters are unappealing, the settings drab, the performances unengaging and sketchy.

Much money has been thrown at a cast peppered with Hollywood A-listers (Martin Freeman a beanie, Olivia Coleman doing her trainee Judi Dench act, and main man Samuel L Jackson from inside a hobo beard as Avengers godfather Nick Fury, back from outer space with a sad look upon his face) but those big names are distracting rather than distinguished.

Secret Invasion is frantic, rushed and rather noisy. Worse, it manages to make the end of the human race feel boring and unengaging. It’s all sound and Fury, signifying confusion.

Secret Invasion Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online