June 23, 2024

Rodeio Rock 2024 Movie Review

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Rodeio Rock 2024 Movie Review

Actually, Hero ( Lucas Lucco ) and Sandro Sanderley (also Lucas Lucco) couldn’t be more different. They do share a love of music. But while one person likes uncompromising rock, the other makes hits and has become a superstar. He has sold more than 50 million records. The two also differ significantly in personality. But they do have one thing in common: they look incredibly similar. When Sandro falls into a coma, Hero is suggested to go on tour instead of his doppelganger and thus generate a lot of income. After initial skepticism, he gets involved and actually transforms into his hated image. However, this is accompanied by some embarrassing situations – especially when Lulli ( Carla Diaz ), Sandro’s ex-girlfriend, shows up…

There’s always room for a little love. At least Netflix seems to think so and is constantly releasing romantic comedies. Recently, for example, there was the Polish article No Pressure , where a successful cook is forced by her grandmother to run her farm and in the process meets the man of her dreams. Previously, the US production Irish Wish went to Ireland, where a thoughtless wish comes true and leads to romantic complications. The next stop on the amorous trip around the world is Brazil, Rodeio Rock – Unexpectedly often comes to make the target group long and laugh.

First of all, the second point is primarily on the agenda. The film had fun by having lead actor Lucas Lucco play two characters who have some things in common and yet are supposed to be as different as possible. Rodeio Rock – Unexpectedly comes often plays with contrast and a doppelganger motif. This is a bit reminiscent of Two by Two , where two twin sisters were completely different, which led to various misunderstandings and embarrassing situations. The difference: Here the doppelganger at least knows that he is one and has to try to maintain this illusion. Nobody should know that the singer is not the singer at all.

This is hardly the great art of comedy. Actually, what’s being served up is pretty crude. But it works to some extent. Screenwriter Felipe Folgosi , who himself took on a supporting role in the film, allowed two worlds to collide with the contrast between pop and rock. He uses this a little bit to make fun of everything in Rodeio Rock – Unverhofft . The music business as such is also being thrown into a bit of a bind. But you shouldn’t expect much. Instead of real bite or even satirical moments, there is just harmless fooling around. The demands are pretty low.

Nevertheless, the first half is still the better. When the second one becomes increasingly about the love story, which is based on a lie, it becomes quite boring. From that point on, any attempt to tell your own story is shelved. It just stubbornly ticks off cliché situations of the genre on the way to the inevitable happy ending. The characters are of no use anyway: While the two musicians can at least be caricatures, the woman’s only characteristic is that she is a woman. The target group won’t care, after all, at Rodeio Rock – Unexpectedly comes two attractive people can often fall into each other’s arms. The rest just becomes background noise, regardless of whether it’s rock music or hits.

What happens when a rock singer pretends to be a pop singer because he’s in a coma? Not much. “Rodeio Rock – Unexpectedly Comes Often” fails to make this scenario more than a superficial contrast. In the first half the comedy works somewhat, but the second half, when it comes to the romance, becomes really boring.

Rodeio Rock 2024 Movie Review