June 23, 2024

Robot Dreams 2024 Movie Review

Robot Dreams
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Robot Dreams 2024 Movie Review

Didn’t know actually what I’m about to see, but the animation in the poster caught my eyes. I’ve also noticed its nomination for this year’s Oscar awards, for animated movie, so this also caught my eyes. I wrapped the wife and kids and went to see the screening on a small cinema room with beanbags (and other kids on them) all over the floor.

It started with no words, so the kids immediately noticed this fact and reported about it. It continued with images, fabulous soundtrack and tones of sensitivity, which you cannot ignore, whether you are a kid or a grown up. No need to say any word to understand the loneliness of one dog, who live in New York of the 80’s.

No need also to understand what one robot is bringing to his life, once he is connected and working. The entire noisy and colorful environment is not capable to give this dog half of what cold tin robot can supply. And then they get separated and the movie changes in two directions: the real world and the fantasy world – both demonstrate the longing and yearning to any contact. From both sides.

The movie’s rhythm is just ecstatic and is part of wide spectrum of colors, images and type of animals and figures that appears in it. The music is one part of the success that wraps this production. The heart worming story and how it ends are other parts that just work great.

On the downside, the core of the movie is not a presentation of the friendship, but the will to get it back and how to fill the void, while searching for it. Doesn’t always seem related, but It is so well crafted, so it didn’t bother me to the actual movie flow – not a little bit and especially when kids of others caught my attention and jumped around to ruin the fluidity of the movie – externally.

It is definitely the material for the Oscars – a non-mainstream big studio movie that has New York in a nus shell. Its like a Woody Allen picture, without the whining and neurotic main character, which is played by Allen himself. It’s a special movie and one you definitely don’t want to miss – whether it wins the Oscar or not.

Robot Dreams 2024 Movie Review