February 29, 2024

Queens on the Run 2023 Movie Review

Queens on the Run
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Queens on the Run 2023 Movie Review

Netflix’s Mexican action-comedy movie, ‘Queens on the Run,’ also known as ‘Fuga de Renias’ is out. It follows the tale of four women who ultimately decide to go on a road trip they intended to take in high school. The four friends who decide to leave their routine lives and husbands back home for the road trip encounter some fascinating and scary experiences during their adventure.

The action-adventure comedy, directed by Jorge Macaya and written by actress-screenwriter Martha Higareda, is 96 minutes long. Alexis Fridman, Martha Higareda, Miri Higareda, Martha Cervantes, and Juan Uruchurtu serve as executive producers. Perro Azul and Neverending Media produced the film. It stars Paola Nunez as Famela, Valeria Vera as Estrella, Alejandra Ambrosi as Marilu, and Martha as Paty. These women are tired of their mundane lives and decide to take a vacation to cross items off their bucket list that they created years ago. Their road trip, however, turns into a series of unfortunate events. Nothing goes as planned for them. The action-comedy has many elements that lead to the self-discovery of the four women during their journey. Although it fails at empowering women.

As Famela, Estrella, Marilu, and Paty begin their adventure, they hit a roadblock and get attacked by chickens. The women get past the hurdles for the day and meet a suspicious person, Lola. She saves Estrellas’s life during a funny fight, and that marks the start of a messy journey. The ladies see El Gavilan, a gangster, the following day, who takes something valuable from them. The journey is made more challenging for everyone since Famela is hell-bent on getting revenge on El Gavilan. The women encounter numerous people as they cross items off their bucket lists as they travel. As they arrive at their goal, the road trip becomes chaotic.

The road trip is the funniest element in the whole movie. The journey gives away many witty moments to laugh out loud at and sets the comedy tone of the film.

The four women have their personal struggles, and they find these trips to be their gateways. As their journey begins, they start sharing their issues and what life is giving them. The four friends, having different personalities, see the issues differently. But they have advice for each other. Road trip movies lead toward self-discovery, and that is exactly what this movie does. Although, the movie doesn’t care to show us the real side of women. There is not a single factor in the film that pushes the women to understand and love themselves again. However, the ending is portrayed as an inspiring element, in which these women encourage other women to take the lead in their own stories.

Overall, ‘Queens on the Run’ is a lousy attempt to showcase women taking a trip and having the best adventures of their lives. It also shows how women support each other, making it seem a bit unreal. Even though it’s a lighthearted film, it lacks in various ways, most importantly in self-discovery. Except for Paty, none of the women in the story learn anything about themselves. But to conclude, the movie is fun to watch.

Queens on the Run 2023 Movie Review