April 23, 2024

Operation: Nation 2023 Movie Review

Kryptonim: Polska
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Operation: Nation 2023 Movie Review

Polish made comedy about some of the internal affairs the home ministry has to handle i guess on daily basis, the development of neonazi groups and the extreme leftists. If you put the new order movement of lgbtq+ activists, and the religious faith called jewishm in between them, you most probably will have some kind of conflict…

this is a hilarious mocking around comedy moistly towards the neonazis, a very well screwed together cast of archetypes (reflecting the movement that basicly started 100 years ago 1923), with knuckleheads and introvercians without much insight on ideologies nor history.

This film requires a viewer that are able to read between the lines to tell this is a really good comedy. Especially the use of political and religous symbols as a laugh factor, makes this even more worth viewing.

The neonazis terrorplanmeeting in a catholic priests rectory loft, where the priest believes the young ones do charade is really going to be a classic joke. See the film and youll have a good laugh at that moment.

Feeling hit by the gags, i also got blown away by the choice of musical score, rough and tough but still retoric…Of course its dead serious stuff this film covers, but i think the production crew and main cast leaves no question unmarked when it comes to the intentions of making this film. Chaplin made ”the dictator”, kumik made ”making a nation” a real comedyhit, and shall be considered as that. A big recommend from the grumpy old man.

Operation: Nation 2023 Movie Review