July 24, 2024

My Happy Marriage Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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My Happy Marriage Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Before our story begins, our protagonist narrates about how so long as she lived in her home, she never knew happiness. The episode begins with our protagonist, Miyo Saimori, being horribly treated by her older sister, Kaya. Kaya throws green tea she deems “too bitter” at Miyo and demands she make it again, calling her useless. Miyo’s stepmother and bio father join in on ridiculing her once the door closes.

One day, a man named Tatsuishi pays a visit to the Saimori household. The maids whisper among themselves that it’s probably about a marriage offer. We see that a younger man named Kouji Tatsuishi goes around the back, and says hello to Miyo as his father is inside, discussing with Miyo’s father. Kouji is quite kind to Miyo, even sharing some caramel candies with her.

However, Miyo is floored when Kouji’s father and Miyo’s father decide that Kouji is to marry Kaya, not Miyo. During a meeting, Miyo’s father tells her that she is to be married off to the Kudou family, and leave the main house forever.

Miyo goes to an old tree stump where she’s normally come to relax, but today it is raining. We see a flashback scene of Kouji and his father, who are arguing about this decision. Kouji’s father convinces him to go along with it because he wants to “help” Miyo, and thus marrying her out of the family is the easiest way to get her out of the abusive household. Still though, Kouji is unhappy with this decision. On that rainy day, he apologizes to Miyo, and she thanks him for his kindness up until now.

The night before Miyo is to travel to her fiance’s home, a maid brings her a kimono to wear and warns her that this man she’s to marry — Kiyoka Kudou — is known to be very cold and heartless and to be careful. Miyo seems nervous, but doesn’t show much emotion overall.

As she journeys to her new home, we get flashbacks of glimpses from her childhood. Her mother dying, her stepmother arriving, and Kaya being born, as well as the first instances of extreme favoritism. When Miyo arrives, she’s greeted happily and warmly by a maid who leads her to Kiyoka’s study.

Miyo bows her head and greets Kiyoka, who doesn’t turn around or notice much of her presence at all. Eventually he asks how long she’ll stay like that, to which the maid politely and gently urges her to raise her head from the bow. When Miyo first sets eyes on her fiance, she isn’t scared at all — instead, she says “What a beautiful person.”

The pacing of this first episode was SPECTACULAR. I have to say, the visual are amazing. My gut wrenched for Miyo in all the right ways, and Kaya is particularly vicious in her own right. How can Miyo’s father sit and let all of this happen comfortably? What a horrible man.

Regardless, I hope this isn’t all we see of the Saimori family household. I hope we see them in ruin and run to Miyo for aid, only for her to close the door on them. She deserves better.

When it comes to Kiyoka, I bet he’s just bad at expressing his own emotions. I’m sure he, too, has faced ridicule like Miyo has, and thus has closed off and become a bit more cold. Hopefully Miyo can warm him up a bit.

My Happy Marriage Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online