June 23, 2024

Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

My sentiments regarding this show are pretty well summed up by most of the 1 to 3 star reviews. I used to think of Amazon as the potential No 2 after HBO Max – we still rewatch gems like Catastrophe & Red Oaks – there was a time 6-8 year ago where Amazon was doing really interesting projects with great people. That’s changed.

Also, I should point out, not all, of the reviews echo my thoughts – I mean I don’t think DEI had anything to do with this if you know the history of this project: Amazon just had Donald Glover on a 360 type development deal (same reason they put out his project ‘Hive’ not long before) along with Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who was originally meant to co-write and be Mrs. Smith opposite Glover, and both chose this project to work on together, but she dropped out due to “creative differences” lol.

This was a smart move by PWB if I’ve ever seen one, and it makes sense – I find PWB to be one of the most insufferable on-screen presences working right now, she is just nails on a chalkboard to us, but she’s also, imo, one of the most brilliant young writers out there. Just look at what happened to Killing Eve soon as she left! I also didn’t like Fleabag really, but can also recognize how good it was. So despite the paycheck, PWB still said “hell no I want no part of this garbage”.

There enters, the actress whose charisma rates somewhere between a dead moth and a used Q-Tip. Should’ve known it was all downhill from there but because I have been a big fan of some of Glover’s work – I find him VERY hit or miss, I love his soul/R&B music but hate his rapping (shout out to ‘Palisades’), he was great on Community, and S1&2 of Atlanta was a revelation, before they got too high on their own supply and fell off a cliff – but he seems to be a little too into himself after the early success of Atlanta. Saying his show was 1B best of all time to Sopranos is just moronic and patently untrue (even as an NJ Italian I can’t in good faith put Sopranos as a definitive without question No 1, but that’s another topic) but it also showed where his head is at. I’ve found that when a writer or anyone involved in storytelling specifically starts talking that way, it usually doesn’t end well. Criticism and editing are such a big part of the process, and thinking you’re essentially the best ever just doesn’t work.

Anyway I’ve rambled enough but now it’s time to leave the bathroom so – yeah…don’t watch this. I didn’t finish the S1 but it was horrendous and I finish just about everything.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online