February 28, 2024

Monster Factory Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

monster factory
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Monster Factory Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Pro wrestling blurs the lines between reality and fiction all the time, and there have been many documentaries that have tried to capitalise on this aspect of it. However, Apple TV+’s Monster Factory puts the special art form known as sports entertainment further under the microscope, looking at what it takes to become a pro wrestler – including the heartache and challenges that every indie wrestler goes through to get noticed by the likes of AEW and WWE.

The Monster Factory is a pro wrestling school situated in New Jersey – run by former indie wrestler Danny Cage. It’s a well-known institution that has a positive reputation in the professional wrestling industry since it has produced notable names such as Bam Bam Bigelow, Damian Priest, Sheamus, Chris Candido, and Raven.

In Apple TV+’s six-episode series, Monster Factory follows Cage and how he acts as a coach, mentor, and confidante to his students while also dealing with the pitfalls of running a wrestling school and trying to have a normal life. While Cage does come across as the typical bullish and demanding sports coach that most are familiar with in movies and TV shows, his reasoning for pushing his students so hard comes from a personal place. The show acts as a good advertisement for what he and his school are all about and what any prospective students should expect if they enrol here.

Cage may be the primary touchpoint of Monster Factory, but it is his four main students who are the stars of the show here – and it’s their stories that keep the audience watching. Throughout the episodes, viewers will find out more about Bobby Buffet, Goldy, Twitch, and Gabby Ortiz. Each of these individuals has their own reasoning for wanting to become a pro wrestler and are on their journey to reaching their dream – complete with the expected bouts of anxiety and self-doubt. However, what they want out of pro wrestling differs as well.

Their stories are deeply personal and resonate on a human level. The viewer will find themselves rooting for each of these individuals and their in-ring characters to succeed for various reasons. Since this is real – and not something orchestrated by bookers or promoters – their setbacks are also laid bare here, showing how the road isn’t all about suplexes and smiles while also giving a sense of authenticity to Monster Factory.

There are many people in the pro wrestling industry who subscribe to the unwritten rule of not exposing the business. Yes, wrestling is predetermined entertainment, but a magician should never reveal the secrets of how they do what they do – after all, that takes away the magic, right? Monster Factory does a good job of respecting this rule for the most part, only revealing what’s necessary on a surface level and for the betterment of the audience’s understanding of the school and what it teaches.

It showcases the basics of how a wrestling match/show is put together, as well as how safety is paramount here. If anything, it’s a necessary reminder of how pro wrestling can be dangerous, and people shouldn’t be trying these moves without proper training, as even the most experienced suffer injuries. Cage, in particular, is someone who gets incredibly angry when his students don’t take the craft or safety seriously enough, highlighting how the slimmest of margins could be the difference between life and death in the ring.

For wrestling fans, Monster Factory is everything they would want to see from a series covering the rise of pro wrestlers and the indie scene. At the same time, casual viewers will gain an appreciation of all the facets of pro wrestling they might not be aware of – such as the psychology of promos and even the timing of the performer’s walk to the ring. In summary, Monster Factory is a riveting watch for all people who hold the slightest interest in wrestling, and it’s likely to put even more eyes on some of the students who dream about becoming superstars in the future.

Monster Factory Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online