June 23, 2024

Monkey Man 2024 Movie Review

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Monkey Man 2024 Movie Review

For Dev Patel, “Monkey Man” is a passion project. He co-wrote the script based on his own story, produced it, directed it and plays the lead role. That cost him a lot – especially pain. He broke his hand, two toes, strained his shoulder and got an eye infection. Everything for art. And his film is artistic. Of course it is reminiscent of “ John Wick ”, but in addition to the dynamic action , “Monkey Man” also has an art house approach .

A man who takes part in wrestling matches as Monkey Man wants revenge on the police officer who killed his mother many years ago. He joins an exclusive club and works his way up until he finally has access to the man he wants to kill. But the plan doesn’t work. Basically everything goes wrong, which is why he has to escape.

The police are looking for him, but he receives help from an unexpected place. And he prepares himself: for vengeance shall be his.

Universal’s film was originally intended for Netflix , but test screenings produced such strong results that the studio decided to release the Jordan Peele- produced film in theaters. The ability to cut a trailer that looks like India’s John Wick certainly helped too. It’s also clear from the film that it’s in John Wick territory. There’s even a reference to the character played by Keanu Reeves .

At two hours running time, “Monkey Man” is a bit too long. There could have been opportunities for tightening up, as the art house elements are not always completely in harmony with the staccato action. But Patel makes up for this with an almost poetically beautiful production. He also capitalizes heavily on the contrast between the rich and the poor in Mumbai. The film looks great in virtually every second – and the action is pulse-quickening.

Patel had the courage to accompany the action with some very unusual music . Hammering beats can be heard here as well as traditional Indian music and cover versions of well-known songs that are extremely opinionated but still quite cool.

Of course, you shouldn’t question the logic of the film. There are holes, and more than one. But a “ John Wick ” is not a paragon of realistic cinema verité. Accordingly, this shouldn’t be held against “Monkey Man”.

As a writer, producer, director and actor all in one, Dev Patel cuts a fine figure. He also looks great in action – the fact that he has been learning Taekwondo since he was a child has now paid off. Because Patel is not a typical action star. He’s actually a completely normal guy, which is why it looks even more intense when a guy like that presents himself with hard action. “Monkey Man” is not without its flaws, but it has many successful moments, and it is a must-watch for action fans anyway. By the way, Sharlto Copley deserves a special mention as the man in the ring who encourages the crowd for the Monkey Man’s fights. He brings an incredibly thrilling energy to what is actually a completely trivial role.

Monkey Man 2024 Movie Review