June 24, 2024

Mech Cadets Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Mech Cadets Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Stanford Yu, an underdog teen son of a janitor at Sky Corps base in Arizona, dreams of becoming a pilot but he’s failed the screening process.

He tries to become one anyway, stealing a suit and trying to assimilate into the rest of the cadets. He’s eventually caught and fired, but a Robo Mech from space crashes near him and bonds with him.

He’s taken in with the rest of the trainees who are made cadets. Olivia, General Park’s daughter, is obsessed with becoming a pilot and her father eventually gives him a man-made Robo Mech.

Alien invader Shargs are dealt with by the group while Sharg hatchlings wreak havoc back at the base. Yu opts to save his mother and Park, who fires him for choosing them over the rest of humanity, which is endangered by the Shargs who are let loose.

Captain Tanaka takes the crew to finish the Shargs. A large Sharg ship from Mars makes its way to Earth. Yu is eventually reinstated for the same reason as the Global Defense Ring is compromised.

Yu helps get the ring back on and aids his teammates in the battle against the ship, which as it turns out is the Queen Sharg.

The creature is defeated but Olivia ends up sacrificing herself. At the end of Mech Cadets season 1, she’s shown to be alive, having been transported to a mysterious realm.

For kids and the kind of rating, it has, the target demographic might really dig the show, although there isn’t enough humor, much less a slapstick kind of humor that would cater best to the sensibilities of the kids who watch it.

The animation on the characters may look janky but the eyes can eventually adapt to it and sometimes the animation, especially during the battle scenes, can really go well. The animation of Queen Sharg is remarkable at certain points.

The whole affair comes across as rather boring, which is a hard pill to swallow because the show focuses Robo Mechs from space who fight alien invaders.

The jocular component eludes the script here and no jokes are worthwhile. Meanwhile, the depth given to the characters is all a result of clichéd and lazy writing.

Mech Cadets is a fun family time that has a number of issues that limit it from being a good show that people from different age groups can appreciate.

Mech Cadets Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online