April 23, 2024

Mea Culpa 2024 Movie Review

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Mea Culpa 2024 Movie Review

I am truly beginning to believe that Tyler Perry understands that his achievements and ability to employ so many black actors/actresses and workers has struck such a cord of respect from Black America, that he knows that he’ll never be cut off from us and continues to shovel out this crap. I am disheartened for Miss Kelly Rowland who deserved better than this and I am saddened to have to be so negative.

This movie is full of the typical TP (Tyler Perry) tropes and overly written caricatures. He is such a poor writer and it continues to be seen in the poor quality of repugnant caricatures he creates. He doesn’t know how to allow characters to be victimized without having to overly exaggerate the scenarios and people surrounding them for it to be possible.

Mea (Kelly Rowland) is supposed to be high profile lawyer who is very good at what she does, yet we get nothing to build her as such. She spends most of her screen time being a skulking, moody shell of a woman who, for a lawyer, seems to leave her brain at home every time she crosses the doorway. We get no peek at her being a great lawyer, a wife or a friend. Everything just begins happening and her reactions to the unfolding of her life are always confusing and just plain DUMB!

The cast of caricatures around her are as flat as a dollar bill. Zyair (Trevante Rhodes) is literally just in the movie to look sexy and talk slow. His character has no substance. Mea’s husband (Sean Sagar) is flat and as usual, written to be so extremely uninvolved and weak that you can’t like or dislike anything about him. The brother in law and Mother in law are extremely exaggerated as being insufferable (in order to make Mea look like a complete victim), but you get no reference as to why their relationship is like this or why they do what they do.

This movie was supposed to be an erotic thriller and this seems to be the area where TP really put all of his energy (go figure). The interactions between Mea and Zyair are supposed to be sexy and seductive however, no seductive or alluring nature is given from Zyair that would make any married woman want to compromise her entire marriage for. Instead both individuals come off as dumb and just looking for excuses to have unwarranted and immoral sex. And the “excuses” (because that’s what they are) that are mapped out via the plot are weak and watery at best. I also don’t feel Mea’s character showed enough interest to suddenly shift gears so suddenly the way she did. TP tried to make her this strong, unflinching woman who wasn’t going to give in, so we never really saw her interested. (This is a miss both in the writing and the acting… Sorry Kelly.)

For Background, the set design and environments are getting better than his movies of the past. But again, we are introduced to the TP prototypes: every actor/actress is stunning and in great shape. The homes they live in, cars they drive and clothes they wear are a stretch compared to their work or the financial situations they are supposed to be in and this all takes away from being able to take the movie seriously rather than seeing it as another TP stage play.

Overall, the plot is predictable and full of tropes and holes. The writing is terribly poor and underwhelming. The characters are flat and snooze worthy. The acting is sub-par at best (a step above daytime soap operas). The ending offered nothing new or intriguing and TP needs to be stopped. But hey, at least we didn’t get bad wigs eh?

Mea Culpa 2024 Movie Review