May 29, 2024

Mask Girl Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Mask Girl Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Mask Girl is the latest Korean drama for 2023 which is predicted to become a big hit on Netflix. The Drakor, adapted from the popular Webtoon of the same name, has a uniqueness, namely the thriller genre which highlights the issue of discrimination over appearance.

Synopsis Mask Girl tells the story of Kim Mo-mi (Go Hyun-jung), an ordinary woman who is insecure about her appearance. He works as an office worker during the day and becomes a live streamer wearing a mask at night.

Like its tagline, “ 3 Names. 3 Lives. 3 Murders ”, this drakor features a story of revenge which will become one of the main attractions of the drama which will air on Netflix on August 18, 2023. How was the fun? Check out the Mask Girl review below.

This drama highlights the issue of lookism or discrimination based on appearance. This issue is very relevant to the people of South Korea and the world today. As an issue that is always hot, it’s no wonder that many serials or webtoons make it the main issue. For example, the drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty (2018), True Beauty (2020), and what is currently ongoing, namely Lookism (2022).

However, what sets Mask Girl apart is its thriller and dark comedy genres . Furthermore, the issue of lookism is strengthened by the beauty 4.0 phenomenon. To explain, the Beauty 4.0 concept put forward by Dr. Lanny Juniarti , beauty or cool guides are getting more complex because of the impact of advances in digital technology, especially through social media. In this era, views of beauty seem to be determined by developments and opinions that appear on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

It’s no wonder that this uniqueness has made Maseukeugeol a popular webtoon. In fact, the Webtoon has been read by more than 10 million people and has an average rating of 9.9/10 on Naver Webtoon , you know!

Drakor Mask Girl also presents a different formula. Each episode presents a view or point of view from several main characters. In episode one titled Kim Mo-mi, this first episode features Mo-mi’s story as well as her background.

Then, episode two titled Ju Oh-nam. In this episode, you will be presented with the views of the second character, namely Ju Oh-nam who is Mo-mi’s office friend. Don’t worry, in this episode, the story continues to run linearly. The feel of the thriller also begins to be felt. As KINCIR informed, Mo-mi was involved in an unexpected incident

This drama was directed by Kim Yong-hoon who previously worked on Beasts Clawing At Straw s. Having the same tone, you won’t find pretty and bright visuals on Mask Girl . Instead, the drama presents visuals and an atmosphere that is somber and traumatic from the start.

This webtoon adapted by Netflix also has explicit and controversial scenes. Like the webtoon, there are many adult scenes, from scenes, pictures, to sounds.

You will find scenes of Kim Mo-mi taking advantage of her appearance in online broadcasts with seductive clothes and erotic movements. In fact, after episode 1, there were many sadistic and brutal scenes. Therefore, KINCIR suggests that you watch this Drakor alone, OK? KINCIR doesn’t recommend that you watch this drama on KRL or other public transportation.

In the trailers and early episodes, you won’t find famous Korean actors who are usually in drama films, Moon Ga-young or IU for example. In fact, you will find acting from underrated actors that should be appreciated.

In the first episode, you will be presented with the acting of a newcomer, who plays the Mask Girl who is bullied because she is considered not to meet South Korean beauty standards. Then, there is Ahn Jae-Hong as Ju Oh-nam who can appear “creepy”. Jae-hong also often plays supporting roles in dramas, such as Kingdom Season 2 (2020), Be Melodramatic (2019), and Reply 1988 (2015).

In particular, there are senior actors whose roles deserve thumbs up. Yep, Yum Hye-ran who plays Kim Kyung-ja aka the mother of Ju Oh-nam. Her role as a mother looking for her child is really heartbreaking. For those who forgot, Yum Hye-ran often appears in many Korean dramas, such as The Uncanny Counter 2 (2023) as Mrs. Chu, or The Glory Part 2 (2022) as Kang Hyeon-nam, Moon Dong-eun’s assistant (Song Hye- kyo).

Their appearance really gets a balanced highlight in each episode. The director managed to make them iconic in their respective episodes. So, you can watch this drama on Netflix starting August 18, 2023 for 7 episodes.

This drama features a thrilling revenge story. Revenge stories are always interesting to watch and are predicted to be one of the main attractions of this drama. Are you one of those who are curious about this drama?

Mask Girl Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online